Redology everybody Zhou Ruchang readme: nearly hundred years old looking for the truth really

I with autobiographical writing has a lot of, one of the main points, is to show that I am a village, not scholarly family; Home without books, since the childhood love a books book is not to be, in the heart of dismay and felt a pang, even painful. I this village somehow, without any condition of dealing with academic, dream to be a bit of a learning person. Therefore, envy have to learn people, occasionally encounter an article related to academic, like get a delicious food, hungry, fondle admiringly.

I especially gone with, studying various rough difficult reading course. Until the 30 s, it was really to enter a famous university & other; Yan yuan & throughout; . My & other; Research & throughout; Begin from here. But together when all the masters have & other Retreat & throughout; , all depends on the individual, to research, there is no real guidance, the way to speak of. Is so so, incredibly also & other; Throughout the &; Up & other; Learn & throughout; , as a result, learn foreign language and translated into luji’s “lyrics”; At the same time, the study of a dream of red mansions cao xueqin has entered the most crucial stage & ndash; & ndash; This is very dangerous, no point, no is the ideal target & hellip; & hellip; At that time, my mood has added a scholarly hungry, just want to read famous theory, but had also not many.

the above mean sing with our past.

I have this year is the ninety-four – year – old man, from the seventy s two eye injury, reading is close to zero, and even had a chance, & other; See & throughout; To most of the article is based on the concept of noun piled up as the main way, with a little formal logic reasoning method, is often a simple straight line, dry desert, no academic vitality lifeblood.

recently, I & other; Listen to read & throughout; Mr Li zehou and Liu Xuyuan two q&a article, this is an article of the important of dry eye, look at their two research, theory, is a popular and concise, warm and sincere, they use a small space, has told us so much rich, thorough research, theory model of the sample, it really made me this small those who drop out of school and MuXue pleasantly surprised unceasingly, quoted Mr I do no such thing as love said: & other; Joy, I’ve never been to! Throughout the &; This q&a appear in different newspapers and magazines, I also repeatedly & other; Listen to read & throughout; Three times, and it is benefit, especially let me pleasantly surprised that they suddenly hit the problem of redology, and bring out some of my views as an example to review them. He two point to a series of discussion topics, roughly speaking, such as research, such as reporting, such as love, such as human, such as the original, such as books, such as philosophy, aesthetic appreciation and experience, character and evaluation & hellip; & hellip; Facets, is almost & other; Comprehensive & throughout; Wide range.

I haven’t thought of, li will have great interest in textual research, he is very understand textual research is how to return a responsibility. Not like some people just put & other; Textual research & throughout; As a noun, a concept, and as a disgusting to be feared the bad, and I can’t help but think of said Mr He’d like to recommend several kinds of good books to readers, it lists the foreign book three textual research, infinite interest, very deep. Looks like li, liu two though not what research, deeply understand the meaning of textual research the academic function, aesthetic value, this one.

second, for cao xueqin’s & other; Love & throughout; Word, exactly? Mr Li made it clear that refers to people’s feelings, is not only the love between men and women & other; Affair & throughout; (snow qin write a make-shift & other; Children will never affair just travelling throughout the heart &;) . But more important, Mr Li solemnly pointed out: “a dream of red mansions” the sentiment is Oriental emotional characteristics, western readers is not easy to understand. The Oriental feelings behind a deep sadness. These important and complex problems, from Mr Li, conveniently, seem so natural, popular, understand, give a person with breadth of mind chang the feeling of the label.

third, li’s research on redology research and reasoning reporting to learn, very like, appreciate, and to give evaluation, it’s worth doing is a meditation.

q&a read li zehou, Liu Xuyuan two articles, is a kind of enjoy experience makes me grateful, as well as enjoyment, a kind of language expression is & other; Earnestly & throughout; The word. Language is the sincere feelings of great scholars, is good men of virtue. What is & other; Earnestly & throughout; ? & other; Ken & throughout; Is sincere, & other; Cut & throughout; Is the infiltration. No real knowledge of false scholar, often do not have a pleasant good heart, their language there is no such precious & other; Earnestly & throughout; The beauty of & other; Earnestly & throughout; Of love.

about & other; Earnestly & throughout; , a dream of red mansions seventy-eight back Jia Zheng comments treasure jade in the Gui Hua general term “gave a little comment: when & other; Although spoke a few words, not sincere. Throughout the &; & other; Earnestly & throughout; Two characters appear in classical literary classics, and use example to cultural issues, as the first example.

& other; Earnestly & throughout; Word, it seems that the common words and academic and creation are not very direct relationship, and after the snow qin so use, the more I taste it, it is very important. Here I might as well a very simple example: and I have discussed the problem of the handicraftsmen, Mr Qi gong, we have a few small words; they sang Mr Qi gong, “said a beginning & other; An post into the zhaoling, wu’s listen to next door. Throughout the &; Rev. Mr Witty humor can be seen everywhere, he is criticism has always been the & other; Fixed Wu Lanting & throughout; Strong to running-penmanship melts former people’s views, and sarcasm, say & other; Throughout the next door &; Sounds, its essence is pointed out that these people do not have any research, just with conformity, hearsay made a lot of & other; Parrot & throughout; The paper. This & other; Throughout the next door &; Listen to words and & other; Earnestly & throughout; Is the opposite, so not true and is not deep. And Mr Li zehou comment on wang guowei, Chen yinque and qian zhongshu three masters, that a few words so simple, so sincere, it’s only enough for & other; Earnestly & throughout; The word. Ask: not really a learned man, can say such & other; Earnestly & throughout; Words?

writing at this point, I can’t help but be brazen, I want to say this: if you want to know that someone of that kind of paper is the real research of crystallization, or to dress up their own cosmetics, you shall see him the whole text and content are & other; Earnestly & throughout; Or greasy, that is not to identify the error.

my own & other; R red & throughout; Of course, is roughly by the historical textual research, this paper then focus a tremendous effort, in different text lieutenant colonel of the mixed disorder set a relatively close to the real cao xueqin handwriting of the original text, not so there is no real research on a dream of red mansions. These two steps are basically might appear to be able to trust. In this foundation, I decided to put forward a dream of red mansions is a & other; Chinese culture novel & throughout; The new proposition, at this time already in the mid – eighty – s. As Mr Li zehou said his own story: after the beautiful journey was published, and criticism of the blame is very severe, but today, there’s new understanding has become a beautiful circle of common sense. I can realize what is contained in these words of emotion and integrity. I propose & other; “A dream of red mansions” is a Chinese culture throughout the novel &; Proposition, and then further, I only then gradually leave their target to clear up, namely: my wish is to read a dream of red mansions that cannot describe the beauty of research experience, explanation; Without this step, then I decades & other; R red & throughout; The job is no real sense.

my this desire in the preliminary the epilogue of the art of the red chamber “, I said cao xueqin book’s pursuit, defend the true target, should be true, the good and beauty & ndash; & ndash; In this way, although very shallow, very childish, but already show my way is not wrong.

now, I am lucky to read Mr Li zehou this section & other; Answered questions & throughout; , this just sit alone in my room long sigh of relief, soliloquize ground to say: this time I didn’t find the true and truth. Poems said:

this functional reporting line, humanity is not investing excellent reviews.

mountain stream jean He Xing, ji moonlight viewed the most.

and aesthetic order the metaphysical part, theory of red statue of thirteen classics.

light night flower market is, light and phil Jackson.