Research and development of China’s “international advanced” tomb, mining the alarm alarm 3 minutes

how to prevent stolen tomb? A han made before the alarm through the expert argumentation. Yesterday, r&d side, near the tomb into alarm, if there are any abnormal, 10 km range can be synchronous alarm.

& other; Ground wave micro vibration detection alarm & throughout; Applied to security system engineering discussion meeting last month in han tombs, the alarm by wuhan photoelectric safety technology co., LTD., the clouds and huazhong university of science and technology joint research and development. For the domestic first CCC mandatory product certification of underground cultural relics intrusion security products field, experts to give high praise, hope it can curb the advent of rampant tomb-raiding behavior.

the ground wave microseismicity country from huazhong university of science and technology, photoelectric detection alarm technology laboratory, has won two national invention patents, in 2009 passed the expert appraisal, headed by Chinese academy of engineering Zhao Zisen by evaluation & other; Reached the international advanced level & throughout; .

tomb protection is one of the most key link to ensure the safety of cultural relics. Huazhong university professor Tom lau revealed that the device has entered the stage of marketing at present. According to the design, within the scope of the tomb 30 meters installed this alarm system, if there are any abnormal situation, reflecting through the optical fiber technology synchronization to about 10 km range.

& other; We were in jingmen, experiment, non-response rates to zero. Throughout the &; Wuhan cloud company Xu Sijian says, & other; The information such as the ground walk normally can block; If more than 3 minutes of digging, the alarm will report to the police. If the optical fiber is artificially cut, which is the specific location is cut, can quickly detect. Throughout the &;

at present, the tomb alarm device on the market are expensive, the han production equipment offer more than $860000. Xu Sijian believes that the equipment at the same time with lightning protection, corrosion resistance, high sensitivity characteristics. & other; Traditional various by civil air defense spending, much more than this number & throughout; .

fangyuan magazine sponsored by the procuratorial daily disclosed in 2011, according to statistics, since the 1980 s, our country each year stolen tomb of up to tens of thousands of seats.

shaanxi archaeological institute vice director zhang said: & other; To meet a haven’t stolen the tombs of chance is one over one thousand, with a likely never stolen tomb group of one over ten thousand. Throughout the &;