Research refers to westerners IQ of one hundred to 14.1 super living lower average IQ

Beijing, May 28 (Reuters) according to the wake reported in Taiwan, Europe’s recent research shows that human intelligence decreases by 1.23 on average every ten years, and the reason is that smart women usually have fewer children, descendants fertility by less smart women more, in the long run down the average IQ of human beings.

researcher points out, & other; An average of science and technology innovation & throughout; , & other The number of per capita scientific genius & throughout; After statistics in Victorian times, reaching its began going downhill.

free university of Brussels, professor Tony woodley, professor at the university of Amsterdam, nut house, murphy, professor at the university of cork, analysis and comparison research between 1889 and 2004, as the victorians smarter than modern westerners, westerners IQ average fell 14.1 points over the past century. The research results published in the journal of “intelligence” on the network.

researcher to & other; Reaction speed & throughout; To speculate that the intelligence quotient, research data collected in the past, comparison of ancient and modern reaction speed, found 1889 men reaction rate to an average of 183 milliseconds, in 2004 to 253 milliseconds; Women from 188 milliseconds to 261 milliseconds. Researchers pointed out that the reaction rate have a significant relationship with intelligence and cognitive ability, thus can be used to infer that IQ.

This paper points out:

research & other; In our study, we test the Victorian era people are smarter than modern assumptions, using high quality tools, also is the combination of multiple results statistical methods, to analyze the measured value of the visual reaction time. Throughout the &;

research shows that, on average, the victorians than IQ higher than many of modern westerners. Researcher pointed out that the high IQ women fertility on the number of children is less, in other words, human is the offspring of the most fertility by women who had lower iqs, for a long time, less intelligent descendants down the average IQ of human beings. The researchers pointed out that human intelligence decreases by 1.23 on average every ten years.

the Victorian era between 1837 and 1901, the British ruled by queen Victoria, the economic development rapidly took off in the Victorian era, Britain reached unprecedented prosperity and prosperity.