Research revealed that the earth has a “twin” planet peak of mount Everest

and ball had a twin planet.

know? The earth is not a perfect circle, so look & other; Love handles & throughout; .

a foreign media recently for our inventory on earth little-known nine little anecdotes, such as & other; Throughout the earth &; The word comes from the Anglo – Saxon & other; Erda” And earth day is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.

& other; Throughout the earth &; The word comes from the Anglo – Saxon & other; Erda”

in addition to our earth and other planets in the solar system are named after the Greek or Roman mythology. & other; Throughout the earth &; The word comes from the Anglo – Saxon & other; Erda” , it means & other; Throughout the land &; Or & other Throughout the soil &; . About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, it is so far the only one in the whole universe we know water exist in liquid form.

peak is not mount Everest

the elevation of mount Everest for about 8848 meters, is recognized as the world’s highest peak. But it is not right. The pinnacles of mount Everest from sea level is the highest on earth, but the earth itself is not a standard ball, seen in the universe, the earth near the equator of the mountain is actually closer to outer space. Qin bora across the border in Ecuador SuoShan height is only 6272 meters above sea level. But due to the appearance of the oval earth, the mountains near the outer space is more than mount Everest.

the earth is the only planet a plate tectonics

scientists believe the earth made up of seven major parts. Theory argues that when these plates collide with each other, the mountain is produced, they opened the place in the valley, but it also leads to trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

had a twin planet earth

scientists now believe that our earth has a & other; The twins & throughout; Planet, its name is & other; Theia & throughout; (sensics), it has to do with the size of Mars. About 4.533 billion years ago, one afternoon, theia crashed into the earth, the planet’s most were absorbed, but off a large piece of, and combined with material of the earth, and created the moon. Scientists think so, because the metal on the moon isotope is similar to the earth.

the lowest temperature is minus 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit

although the coldest places on earth was in Antarctica, but Russian east station in the July 21, 1983, recorded the lowest temperature of minus 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature was recorded, on September 13, 1922, Libya JiJi o appear the high temperature of 136 degrees.

the sea more than 90% undeveloped

in fact, our development of ocean is less than 10%. Although we have identified 212906 species of Marine life, there may be more than 2500 ten thousand we don’t know.

the moon has almost positively circular orbit

about the moon, we still have some don’t understand things, for example, the moon has almost positively circular orbit. The moon was a strange smell like gunpowder was covered with dust. In addition, the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, the distance away from the earth and the moon 400 times, which makes them appear in the sky look the same size, this is a very incredible coincidence.

earth less than 24 hours a day

people always complain that don’t have to spend much time every day, that’s right, in fact, the earth turns around the spin axis is the exact time of week 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.

the earth is not a perfect circle

the earth is a sphere, but it is not a perfect circle. In fact, due to the gravity, the earth’s equator around the emergence of a raised portion. The earth’s polar radius of 3949.99 miles (6357 kilometers), and its equatorial diameter is 3963.34 miles (6378 km). The earth looks & other; Love handles & throughout; . (it is)