Retired, shennongjia chase savage 36 years Has encountered two meters “humanoid animals”

Li Guohua his trip in the mountains

shennongjia whether there is a savage, is still a mystery. In order to solve this mystery, shennongjia nature reserve Li Guohua research retired worker, begin from 1976, risking their lives in the mountains to track savages. He lives in shennongjia mountain caves, perennial visited hundreds of caves grottoes, visited more than 90 savage information of natural villages, record the science adventure of millions words notes. Hungry eat wild vegetables, wild fruit, cold wrap around zhang skins, this & other; Savage & throughout; The life like, he is 36 years.

today, Li Guohua oneself the experience summed up the book “1976 & ndash; 1976 my savage career”, early next month he will be held in Beijing signings. Yesterday he had an interview with our reporter, tell his this a special scientific career.

note: more than 30 years, where are you live mainly in field?

li: mainly living in some remote areas. Mountains expedition it got dark, you could find a shade Lou qi cliff root for the night. Before sleeping, get some weeds, like beasts do a & other; Nest & throughout; Sleep is solved the problem.

note: field met the memories of them?

li: field was spared the danger of dozens of times, I was throwing caution to the wind. In laojun mountain in 1993, I had the misfortune to fall under the cliff, came as the past, fortunately the mountains with my teacher Li Zi found me, give me bleeding with an herbal remedy, and take me to hospital dozens of miles away, when I broke my leg femur.

reporter: why are you looking for savage so obsessed?

li: in addition to interest, is more of a sense of mission. In May 1980 & other; Northwest of exotic animals scientific expedition & throughout; The establishment of the conference, leadership instructions to PoMei, this is a big thing. Savage puzzle in China in one thousand, the mystery of savage, will is a important discovery in the field of contemporary natural science.

q: how many times have you witnessed savage, the deepest memory once?

li: on February 28, 1980, I in the snow mountain in the mountains, isolated Chinese food more than two months after sleeping rough, exhausted, returning to the unit, when I passed by the side of a cliff, found a and I just 50 meters distance apart, about 2 meters tall, upright, with the human animal. Wild man walked into a few steps toward me, find me is not his fellow turned away, because the weak is close to the edge of death, I can’t catch up, also have no camera, only reluctantly raised soil spear aimed at it, hold your breath pulled the trigger, however, because of be affected with damp be affected with damp gunpowder, frozen soil spear no snap & hellip; & hellip;

note: some people think that the road is savage hype, how do you see?

li: I’m calling in shennongjia nature reserve in 1984 research institutes, to participate in the ecological habit of the golden monkeys, but I’m more interested in savage track, I am a scientific research worker, I ignored other people’s prejudices.

note: all the year round in the wild life, let you initiation mountain seclusion ideas?

li: say mountain seclusion is not reality, of course, now mainly their old, is no longer the age of the adventure.