Reveal China’s first female pilot: for flying dream don’t fall in love for five years

Core tip

the Chinese air force recruit female pilot since 1951, to 1966 & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Ago, trained nearly 500, three group of female pilot in the world have more female flight crew of one of the country. This batch of the late teens young women are now old man, but their youth fully devoted to their loyal to the blue sky and the flying career, an era of ever pure loyalty, with a personal training and combat, hardships and growth, the recorded in history.

five years forbidden love

in early January 1951, a vintage train stopped in Beijing qianmen station. A group of female flying cadets were late teens received air force front door hostel for a large conference room. Air force commander announced to them from the air force of the party committee requirements: & other; Five years are not allowed to fall in love, have a boyfriend will break, without the determination, don’t HangJiao. Throughout the &; Leng for a few seconds, the seemingly impersonal message but did not cause the girls, they are all flying dream in my heart, have said: & other; Don’t say is five years, in order to do not marry go flying career for a lifetime. Throughout the &;

commander smiled and said, after you fly out, don’t worry about can’t find a boyfriend, the air force has a lot of excellent male pilots. I assure you that the air force will you for a lifetime.

in mudanjiang northeast to train, and the girls talked about the topic of love. Women zhi-ying Chen are proposed: & other; To show our determination to five years don’t fall in love, after the HangJiao, we write a guarantee to the leader, what do you say? Throughout the &; Later, after 14 female pilot into HangJiao, write the guarantee.

& other; The rest of my life not to get married? Throughout the &; Zhou Yingzhi and gui-fang qin bond is the company commander back, let them rewrite, & other; Who let you a lifetime don’t fall in love not to get married? Only guarantee for 5 years, no guarantee. Throughout the &;

to train pilots not watch actors

the following year, & other; 38 & throughout; International women’s day this day, the first female pilot XiongPei red hibiscus, specially-built for the first time. Women from all walks of life in the capital on behalf of more than 7000 people poured into the western suburbs of the airport, the ceremony of the foreign guests have the Soviet union, countries such as Bulgaria’s ambassador or counsellor couple more than 50 people.

ceremony began the hour when the time is 12 to 15 points. Their route is the western suburbs of airport & ndash; Fengtai & ndash; Yang Village & ndash; Tong county & ndash; The tiananmen square & ndash; Fengtai & ndash; The western suburbs of the airport.

45 at 11 points, three green flares rose said was flown, tower commander asked each plane in the take-off order is ready to take off. Call to nguyen He Zhen 03, but no response. Collectively, nervous, had never know who is my finger on the launch button on the radio, lead to hear the voice of the commander, near misses, loosen the launch button, flight smoothly.

on March 24 in the afternoon, they met in zhongnanhai, liu shaoqi,. MAO zedong smiled and waved to them frequently, shake hands with Liu Yalou commander asked: & other; They are all out? Throughout the &;

liu commander replied: & other; All out, to carry out tasks independently. Throughout the &; MAO zedong is very happy, to longly to liu commander said: to be trained as pilots, don’t trained actor.

rushed to shelling kinmen>

in new China’s first female pilot gui-fang qin’s special plane flight, the most urgent, the most dangerous and also the most meaningful, is to send the order of chairman MAO. The mainland after the liberation, entrenched in kinmen, and matsu kuomintang army harried mainland coastal. In 1958, according to the instructions of the central military commission, the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA) are in these areas for warning the shelling. As absolutely confidential documents, the order can’t communicate with communication equipment, can only use the plane delivery instructions.

gui-fang qin accepted the task. Lo, bad luck, the plane just to jinan, front is a frontal clouds move from west to east, until the sea. The plane was not sealed cabin, the highest ceiling to more than 5000 meters, only can only into the clouds. The plane in the clouds, like 12 waves of the boat, from side to side of 40-50 degrees, strong thunder electric wave even shake off the pilot’s headphones. Gui-fang qin insist teeth for five minutes, the kokang turned head, trying to out of the clouds, before avoiding dangerous storm clouds.

for 15 minutes, she flew out of the clouds, but was shocked by the eyes a new round of challenges, has developed into a corrugated type of the cb and cumulus cloud connect a piece. Perform other tasks in the past, in this case, can only return or landing. But the mission special, cannot return. Huashan road, no posterior, gui-fang qin to calm down, and the crew members together when the weather is analyzed, check the oil.

according to her experience, the frontal thunderstorm is moving from west to east. So she along the edge of the clouds and go to the west, has been to henan kaifeng, flew to the tail end of the storm cloud, cleverly avoid it. Then fly to southeast and fly toward the destination, finally put the order sent to the hands of fujian front-line commander on time.

according to guangming daily,