Reveal du fu Yang lady: beautiful Scholarly family

Fu states on tonight, my girlfriend will look.

remote flow small children, unsolved recalled changan.

sweet mist cloud Huan wet, cold pure jade arm.

when lean on empty reel, double tears dry?

this first poem called “the moon”, is an lushan, du fu in the rebels holed up the capital of changan, for miss distance stranger’s wife. Tang dynasty tianbao fifteen years (AD 756) in June, Ann fall against the rebels in tongguan, Ming emperor lung-chi lee scurrying shu. Immediately fell to the rebels, occupied the tang dynasty emperor business of 138 Beijing changan, the rapid expansion of power, and west to the guanzhong in northern shaanxi area. War, du fu and small from serve first fled to baishui county (now pucheng county) trust to do door county magistrate’s uncle. Then the water dries up, and in the north to escape after, until Fu state (now rich county) of a small valley northwest of qiang village, that will be settled in a family. Soon after, I heard Tang Su ZongLiHeng in LingWu (now ningxia lingwu) succession, as officials, has been with & other; Xu Shen millet, rao to king & throughout; Aspiration of the poet, can fetter at home, then took wives, forward to. Furious at that time, the rebels are blazing, du fu arrived in continuation of the state (now yanan) though so cautious, in waiting outside LuZi shut (at the now (northwest) or capture for the rebel troops and was taken back to the course of a bloody changan. In & other; Group of hu returned to annihilate the arrow, still sing yi song throughout urban & drink; (Lamentations Chen Tao) already in jeopardy, Mid-Autumn night, the poet in the face of a round moon, YinChu heart talk of the festive mood.

no since his missing wife wrote this poem, but the perspective-taking, from the thought of miss his wife put pen to paper, not only highlights the wan cut deep artistic conception, but also at home sorrow like nature itself to be in harmony are an organic whole, in the artistic and ideological sense has reached a very high level, popular for over one thousand years, widely and more ShiPingGu had promoted. Qing Huang Sheng said it & other; Semantic and exquisite, composition, WuLv at this point, no your said SAN yi & throughout; . (” &industry du poem said “)

du fu in the age of 30, roaming between temporarily interrupted in qilu yanzhao, back to luoyang, first under the yangshan in yanshi county, northwest of sealed muddy hill lu, then married reaches county (change tianbao the first year of spi county) SiNong ShaoQing Yang’s daughter as a wife. SiNong ShaoQing vice minister for director of agriculture and finance, and the generation of an official Du Fugu is suitable. Wife little more than ten years old, he want to be a sensible, intelligent, loving woman. Unfortunately du fu did not use his big wife biography, even we even don’t know young’s wife’s name, but in the poetry of many to mention her, although chit-chat, fragments, but from the BaoZhan loving words, that put behind our great poet-saint caring and great women, or awe.

young’s wife from scholarly family, this is the military, has a beautiful appearance, du fu said that she could like the blossom JiaoYan, smile like the goddess of the moon to her husband, in order to see her appearance, hate not means all cut from the month: & other; Divorced FangGong core, imagine each green moths & throughout; , & other; Guangxi rationalism is the middle of the month, clear light should be more & throughout; (the one hundred and fifty day and night for months). Du fu’s wife has a noble moral character, body of her daughter, be industrious and frugal, hard-working, dedicated ‘silently for her husband. Du fu’s poems, friends drink booze in the garden, she is under the laundry in the river, the sound of faint lamented wash on the anvil, every it affects the nerve of the poet: & other; Old and Sue department of industry, and along with Zheng Guangwen. Flowers fragrant broad, sit guest drunk. There was in accordance with the wild trees, autumn anvil awake but smell. Throughout the &; (9 five) du wife eight children were bare and youngest son was born soon, due to hunger died, she was grief-stricken, du fu a foot in the door, she heard a cry cry: & other; Wife send different county, ten every storm & throughout; , & other; Introduction to smell howl, their hunger has died. Throughout the &; Five hundred words (huai) the mother for children is very gentle, shuddering drift day, on her for the poor family: & other; The small flow channel, GuPin mother back. Throughout the &; (sent xing) du fu poor all his life, an lushan in the family displaced, cry from hunger and cold, du fu TanGu, saw his wife and children dressed in patches of patch, & other; Years to the cottage, his wife throughout the knot &; , & other; Two young before bed, fill an insolent to knee. Chart live in waves, old embroider twists and turns. Day and ZiFeng wu, upside down in short brown. Throughout the &; (north)) in the turmoil, the wife always thinking of her husband, so that when they meet, like a dream: & other; Wife Nu blame me in, surprised set also crying & throughout; , & other; More sit up, relative like dream. Throughout the &; (” three qiang village “) from du, we also know that Mrs Yang is very good-looking, she knew LiLuan reunion, it’s hard to say what time is the difference between Yin and Yang, therefore, in order to win the favor of her husband, had a bigger one. What, two young daughters – secretly learning the appearance of the mother, not only with a small comb her hair, and shi lead powder and painted her eyebrows, immature little face in a big mess, daub to short family reunion added a little comedy: & other; Thin wife after light, avi head since the comb. Learn to his mother, xiao makeup conveniently. Lead shift when zhu shi, infamous thrush kuo. Throughout the &; (the north))

a suffering life and her husband in exile young’s wife, also a day of joy. The tang dynasty (AD 763) of the first year of GuangDe, du fu heard, luoyang was recovered in sichuan catalpa state and then recovered in hebei, family are looking forward to an early return to luoyang passage home, almost crazy for joy. Young’s wife also swept away sorrow yan: & other; Outside the sword and the thistle north, at the beginning of the smell of tears full of clothes. But seeing his wife sorrow, thrown into literature like mad. Throughout the &; (the smell of loyalist charge in hebei, henan) although this can’t go home, to the central plains turmoil they LiuYu arrived in chengdu, in the very near the thatched cottage, had a friend support poor day: & other; Entry is still 4 walls empty, the wife see me with color. Chi son don’t know, father and son call anger Mr. Rice to east gate. Throughout the &; (the best care set row) although difficult life, the family is happy, & other; Child paper for chess, knock the needle as hook. Throughout the &; (” river village “) and other Daytime led by boat, sunny child see bath qingjiang. Throughout the &; (” into the boat “)

account of the historical data of du fu wife rarely, you can see only two & ndash; & ndash;

feng tang dynasty Zhi “Vincent’s descriptions: & other; Every friend to du fu, introduced his wife. Wei imperial see out, the woman send night flying cicada, ornaments to help. Throughout the &; This should happen in October to Germany two years after Beijing, du fu and small with the ‘cases back to changan, temporarily remained in their left shortage make-up on, until the end of June the following year for room x2000 CBM thing was as Iowa SiGong join the army. The wei imperial, is ever deliver du fu of the wei accompanied. Du Furen at the beginning of the left shortage make-up, due to the pressure room x2000 CBM phase, touch the mind against Pope, imperial edicts three department to examine and inquire. One of the wei is accompanied the presiding officer. After the interrogation, and the new prime minister Zhang Gao vigorously to defend the du fu, this just from punishment slaughter. Wei who accompanied regicide, south of the city after the father is wu, s, farce dynasties famous prime minister WeiAnShi. His wide, deep stiffness administration can, like writing, as a particularly long, cutting by court him. He was 17 years old, older than du fu accompanied as a doctrine of sect, often can honour worthy men of letters, don’t abandon cloth, make encourage junior. He and Du Futong listed in the class, of course know du wife and virtue of birth, only in du fu & other; Toward the back to Canon garment & throughout; , & other Ordinary wine debt & throughout; The difficult days, she’s so hungry more thin, the dress has cannot be patched up. Yang wei accompanied at first sight to see, first the exit immediately, it may be said, do not break the elderly lady then send sent to adornment night flying cicada, and shows the care and respect of du fu and his wife. I liked this, can’t help a department of emotion!

a paragraph of text, old and new tang book is according to the MuZongChao served as prime minister written by the famous poet yuan zhen “don it &industry calibration YuanWaiLang Du Jun (just) tomb inscription”. Except for a brief account of Mrs Young’s origins, said she was 49 years old. Infer from single years, should be on the boat of du fu’s die Yu Xiangjiang illness, her to put her husband’s casket adjacent in tang-dynasty trio colored glazed, then bring the children back to luoyang yanshi muddy hill, lu died soon after. Tomb inscription said: & other; Heir ZongWu, disease means was buried; Died, their children. Heir to GuPin, cannot give bereavement, tidy up the beggar, JiaoLao, day and night to beauty son died after more than forty years, and then died, ancestors also foot in yi & hellip; & hellip; Bian (buried) I Du Zi beauty to the song Yang piedmont. Throughout the &;

as the poet du fu young’s wife not disappointed, gave their lives behind more than 40 years, couples eventually buried in the homeland.