Reveal li bai’s real job: dwell with workers eat small miners?

li bai (figure)

the world-famous great poet li bai what do for a living? One thousand years has always been a mystery. In fact in life, he is not by selling poem, nor a rich young man. Can infer from his poems, he is & other; Throughout t &; And since the shipment from the vendor such as copper lead ore, so is also a businessman.

li bai love their job, he has been working with mine at least ten years before and after this line. & other; I love copper officer, one thousand also. Want to ask dance sleeve, Buddha five matsuyama. Throughout the &; & other; Crow, Ming is shrimp lake lodge. Throughout the &; & other; The water soak up the affirmative copper, knot. In the middle of the night four days open, Milky Way charm person. Building to tomorrow morning, (3) many ups and downs. Before with weng, with his axe cloud wood creek. Throughout the &; Cloud again, & other; To gather the lead qingxi marina, climb mountain building. Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip; Li bai’s these verses, a tobacco shop.

poem of place names, are in today and in tongling, anhui guichi area. The tang dynasty or even earlier this is copper lead origin. Mining will have to have sales. Ore shipped from here to the market in yangzhou. Yangzhou at that time, the position of Shanghai today, & other; Car boat Qiang has, valley scale set & throughout; , the handicraft industry is very developed, bronze mirror, a good reputation from the jewelry jade carving exquisite production. Ship industry is thriving. Ore smelting and products are completed in yangzhou. Although bootleg kai-yuan tang seventeen years who were banned from copper, lead, tin and copper as the device, but rules mining copper, lead, tin, butler for them.

ore lucky, can by the world-class personally escort, a great poet li bai ore with boat counterparts van for many times, people on the road, more young. Bai Tianguan mountain scenery water color, the night moon drinking composing poetry. And so many famous images in the process of work YinChu, for the glorious age of tang poetry meteorology added boundless charm!

in order to have a thorough understanding of li bai and economic life, Liu Jixing widespread access to information about him, and he wrote poems, concluded that li bai is a good boss, often mixed with the workers work with eat to live with. More than his poems mentioned five matsuyama, ruling a miner, it is located in & other; NaLing copper pit in the west five or six & throughout; . Li bai in the hot summer, close to & other; Copper well inflammation furnace & throughout; Work together with the workers.

someone didn’t read li bai busy catching mining, hand wrote poetry & other; Combine & throughout; With & other; Hands are hard & throughout; , learn in fairy thought he enthusiastic, said it was his negative side. Is based on the premise that he lead, Dan medicine. This is a small, to lead an alchemy with not much, don’t need to the mining, not to mention the shipping. To say the least, even so, why write in Li Baishi & other; Mining lead & throughout; , written & other; Herb gathering & throughout; How much more elegant? Visible, & other; Mining lead qingxi marina & throughout; And & other Affirmative copper guest & throughout; It was his line.