Reveal New Zealand deep canyon in the “alien” (photo)

this kind of life in New Zealand waters, 3900 feet (1200 meters) deep seabed on the mudflats worm is a ferocious predator, its appearance is frightening, like in the movie alien external things.

this spring scientists in active undersea volcano activity in New Zealand, Richard margolis underwater mountains (Kermadec Ridge) nearby waters conducted an investigation action for 3 weeks. The investigation area covers an area of 3800 square miles (9840 square kilometers), the whole piece of sea bottom topography including underwater mountains, continental slope, deep canyons and submarine hydrothermal activity of fountains and so on, the latter is due to the large number of hot water and seabed volcanic activity release caused by high temperature gas.

armor shrimp

these shrimp living in the bottom of the depth of 650 meters to 1400 meters, the categories of lobster is not found for the first time, but the specific kinds of samples or official found for the first time.