Reveal one of the world’s most rich artist hurst: 16 years old to be cut down head giggle

hurst often works with the birth and death as theme

damien & middot; Mr Hirst is & other; The young artist & throughout; , leader of the world’s movement, it is the benchmark of contemporary art, is also the richest artists in the world today, the Sunday times rich list, 2010 estimates he is worth about 215 million pounds. But he is convinced that money should not be the pursuit of the goal, art is more powerful than money.

& other; He had throughout history &;

the Tate modern art gallery will hold damien & middot; Hirst retrospective, hurst recently is to collect data for this matter. He turned up in 1996 with a veteran British rock star David & middot; A video interview, bowie films bowie ask if he will do it in the Tate modern exhibition, he said: & other; Impossible, the museum is for artists who are, I will never hold exhibitions, there you don’t want to get me into that place. Throughout the &;

to see the video, he laments, & other; Dear, really big changes. Suddenly, I have 46 years old, have been doing the so-called middle of retrospective, feeling as if not yourself. Throughout the &;

he admitted, the years have changed him. & other; I am old, is no longer in the world called crazy guy. When young, you are invincible, & ndash; & ndash; At least you think so, all kinds of possible, ubiquitous, you create the future. But when you are old, suddenly found themselves with the history, all the stereotypes, what also can’t change. To be honest, I feel a little trouble. Throughout the &;

the upcoming retrospective name call “damien & middot; hurst”, will present hurst’s life as an artist. Exhibition including some of his less known early work, such as when study at goldsmiths, creative & ndash; & ndash; Hang on the wall of fat frying pan.

there is a picture of the early work, has been lying open, and stained with mud. London gagosian gallery owners Millie, & middot; Will he see exclaim: after & other; How can you put it there? Let it get wet in the rain! Oh my god, damien! Throughout the &; Hurst dismissed: & other; Because of my work, it is as if the gold. In fact, it has not fart. Throughout the &;

these little now in the exhibition, hurst feel fine, & other; They are part of my career over the past 25 years art & throughout; .

of course, the exhibition’s signature or his famous masterpiece, such as the 1991 “unimpressed by the living to the dead” & ndash; & ndash; A preserved in a glass case full of formaldehyde in the shark, the mother and child separated in 1993 & ndash; & ndash; Respectively in four containers by cutting half cow and calf, in 2008 the eternal beauty in my mind & ndash; & ndash; Series of zebra, unicorns and Dallas, etc.

his work sometimes plain and neat, such as neat in ambry and glass containers tablets; Sometimes let a person feel sick, evil, such as live worms and flies bite of cutting heads, butterfly pin on the canvas, the pigeon on the skull & hellip; & hellip; The birth and death, beauty and ugliness, holy and profane, hirst’s work topic, a shocked critics, it is the hurst & other Concept of socialism & throughout; From the edge of the art world mainstream.

& other; Put these pieces together, it seems to me is a 180 – degree turn. Throughout the &; Hurst said, & other; Review of these works, I tries to comprehended somewhat. They have a plenty of excellent work, some have yet to be understood, and some very poor. This is my achievements over the past 25 years, I am proud, but also confused: how did this happen? Throughout the &;