Reveal qi baishi drawing price: draw a cabbage cabbage in a car

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approaching winter, qi baishi street shopping, see a country boys cabbage is big and fresh, ask: & other; How much money a catty? Throughout the &; The young man was about to answer, a closer look, this is not a great painter qi baishi? He smiled said: & other; Would you like Chinese cabbage, don’t sell! Throughout the &; White stone old man said: & other; And why you want to come? Throughout the &; The young man then say the three words: & other In with pictures. Throughout the &; Qi baishi understand, it seems that the young man recognized me, he said: & other; Use picture? Can ah, I do not know how to change? Throughout the &; Young man said; & other; You draw a cabbage, I give you a load of cabbage. Throughout the &; Qi baishi come interest & other; With paper and ink to quickly! Throughout the &; The young man bought brushes paper and ink, qi baishi pen to draw out soon. The young man took the picture, put down all of the cabbage, go carts. Qi baishi busy stopped him and smiled said: & other; How do I finish eat so much food? Throughout the &; Say, get some cabbages.

white Stone Age 65, according to the lunar calendar in May to presents a picture of the guest in the home. He not white stone old man thought chicks, also don’t beg his wisteria grapes, one of the FaCaiTu never painted white. Qi baishi wondered, he said, & other; This rich way too much, what do you want to draw a new income? Throughout the &; The guest said: & other; Draw an abacus, how? Throughout the &; White stone old man hearing this, said repeatedly; & other; That’s great! Wanting people money without risk, is the kernel has also! Throughout the &; Then a stroke, draw a picture of abacus, named “FaCaiTu”. Inscription in the blanks, then write the guest interesting dialogue with just now on the picture, the guests with painting. The more after the guests left, qi baishi figured it was delicious, on paper at hand, then draw a picture according to the sample “FaCaiTu” as a hidden, this is the Beijing art academies of qi baishi works “FaCaiTu number 116.

in the late 1930 s, with qi baishi painting of a group of children, most of the life is hard, sometimes even can’t afford to buy a pen. Qi baishi to the inspiration, he divided the students into two classes, one to the market to sell paintings, one stayed and grinding ink grinding good ink poured in a big basin, and then call two naughty fat students take off pants, on their ass wipe on ink, let them sit on good paper cutting, a seat, a piece of paper is printed under the two black ink, which is two pieces of lotus leaf. Two students in sat out a decade or two. At that time, qi baishi and smiling on the pen in the ink brush to brush a few pen on a lotus leaf, quickly draw on a few branches inclined stem, tick the two lotus flower in bud, on the lotus leaves to hang up on a few body again, poem, the last two sentences figure was painted a picture of a lotus flower. After dry, eagle on the seal, lets the student to the street to sell immediately. The students draw these calls & other; Take picture & throughout; And get on the market were soon snapped up.

1936, qi baishi, a 75 – year – old, Hu Peiheng page until the old man took out a book in the home draw mosquito qi baishi, please. Qi baishi only has be reluctant to have said: after meditation & other; Mosquitoes are pests, frog to eat it. Throughout the &; So the letter strokes to jumping frog, but did not draw the frog’s eyes. In the left upper end of the frog, then, qi baishi painting only floaters, its slender wings quite gently, whiskers and legs thin and long, really feel a touch namely move. Qi baishi see said: & other; But silent, must let the frog really see mosquitoes. Throughout the &; He is carefully watched in the distance a bit, and written with JiaoMo highlighted a frog’s eyes staring at the flying mosquitoes, subsequently, and the right words in the picture. Qi baishi pass Hu Peiheng waiting and circulated the painting said: & other; The mosquito was the first time I draw, I do not know how to? Throughout the &; Hu Peiheng repeatedly praised: such as & other; To abound in all things, as a painter is not easy ah, this is the bottom of the wrist like a god! Throughout the &;

a far nephew to nanyang business qi baishi. He before departure, please uncle a picture as a souvenir, old gladly put pen to paper. Opened a small store, nephew to the Singapore because of mismanagement, soon, but was closed in the shop. He no life, really want to return, but the lack of money. He thought of his uncle gave him the painting, intends to sell it as a trip. And he will draw up high outside door, and put up a notice in the side, qi baishi, indicating the painting from life, involving the sale. But, when you see this picture in has been on the paper note, only the following random point QiBaDian, are unknown cause I have to leave. Came a few days later, a white-haired old man, he studied carefully, just ask: & other; Painting to sell how many money? Throughout the &; Nephew said: & other; The old man wanted to buy, please give a few money! Throughout the &; Hearing this, the old man turned against said: & other; Kui you still qi baishi’s nephew, so humiliate your uncle this famous painting! Throughout the &; With the old man to go the nephew a surprised, hurriedly block the old way: & other; Old gentleman please calm down, I don’t know uncle real meaning of the painting, please the old man zoroastrianism. Throughout the &; The old man said: & other; If the value of the painting, I’m afraid you said how much money is not too expensive. Do not believe, you can write to ask your uncle. I’ll wait for your reply. Throughout the &; The original painting profound meaning, of a straight bar, represented as a tree, the following QiBaDian, deciduous. The implication is that falling leaves.

one year a visit by foreign dignitaries, please paint painting master qi baishi, qi old aplomb, a picture of the peony drunk spring figure immediately. Suddenly, a drop of ink falls in the picture, a sorry, teacher. At this time of the white stone old man poses, devoting to light draw a few pen in the ink point, instant, a great charm bee from the page, the peony drunk spring figure immediately, all burst into applause. Neat old tastily ask translation: & other; The bee can calculate on & lsquo; National treasure & rsquo; !!!! Throughout the &;

qi baishi in his painting a picture of figure painting, picture a beat-up, badly dressed badly, bare foot, another foot wear tattered sandals, shoulder a responsibility, burden is an altar wine, a head of a big large baskets, basket containing two green surface hair of imp. Painted in several big word: & other; The doors hold a birthday party & throughout; . The picture content from a private joke: the doors specially delicious ghosts, his sister as a birthday, with his life as a demon pick an altar wine two gift to send, enclosed time wrote: & other; A statue of wine, two ghosts, do this with brother chop; If the elder brother is less gift, even the pedal-driven vehicles is three. Throughout the &; On receipt of a look, and the doors of life to send all three ghosts to cook in the kitchen. Bear on the demon watching pedal-driven vehicles said: & other; We are damn, you get to pick the burden? Throughout the &; Qi baishi settled in Beijing after that bureaucratic warlords politicians come and go, runs through the general play not over of farce, can see pedal-driven vehicles category will be a lot of ghost, always thought: & other; This is why? Throughout the &;

white stone old man had plain code marks a price, a chicken for a dollar, some bargaining, with four and a half money for five chicks. Baishi reluctant, drew four chicks, draw a with only half of the chicken from behind the tree, as a result, chicken price is not a bad, have white painted a tree not calculate money. He is painting shrimp is also according to the valuation, only once, someone asked to draw a more, put on a white stone old man to give him, no angry, said: & other; It is not only money, it is a dead shrimp. Throughout the &;