Reveal the ancient prostitutes culture: escort is the mainstream to not the obligation

this article “sexy & ndash; & ndash; look from the sexy sex and sexual culture, xiao-yuan jiang zhao, hainan publishing

almost all when it comes to the origin of the whore works will first mention of the ancient Babylon st sexual abuse. This aspect of the historical data, mainly Herodotus in one section in the “historical” account:

the babylonians had a habit of one of the most ugly shame, this is born there each must have a woman in her life to provo DiTie (Aphrodite, the Greek mythology, love of Herodotus here means babylonian mythology Mylitta) love of the temple of saint area to sit there, where he met a man copulation. & hellip; & hellip;

according to Herodotus, the Cyprus have st sexual abuse custom. Then spread to Asia minor states and Egypt, Persia, etc. And according to the ancient Arab traveler account in India recorded stories of the People’s Republic of China, in India have similar st sexual abuse, called & other; The Buddha of sexual abuse & throughout; :

a woman, if you make a wish in advance, so, when she gave birth to a beautiful girl, will be with her daughter, to go to the front of the Buddha, took her to the Buddha. Since then, the mother but also for her to find a house in the middle of the street, hang up the color shade, let her sit on a chair, waiting for visitors. Whether people in India, or foreigners & ndash; & ndash; If they are in the doctrine of religion can allow this behavior & ndash; & ndash; As long as pay a gratuity, can play with her. This woman, rely on such business, every time saved up money, sent to the temple abbot, as funding the cost of the temple.

many people take it for granted to a whore is defined as & other; Prostitution woman & throughout; Early, in fact as long as one involving the whore, this definition will be in trouble & ndash; & ndash; From the example above you can see, many prostitutes is not seeking monetary compensation for yourself, why say & other; Sell & throughout; ? So the more comprehensive definition should be & other; Provide sexual services for man woman & throughout; . Sometimes they provide this service, the compensation is not money. For example in ancient Babylon, & other; St sexual abuse & throughout; , to provide sexual services for foreign men, they get paid a obligation is regarded as god, popular with the men and win the dear people, this will help them choose JiaXu and marry, that is in the service of the receiving it from there. & have spent

at least in principle, said officer prostitution is not for the purpose of profit. In general, the government imposed some preferred to them, the so-called & other; Officer to garment grain & throughout; . Around the officer prostitutes can only for the government of service, and without the pressure of the profit. Officer prostitutes can get garment grain from government and have a basic life safeguard, but as the official of the brothel visitors will still send them money to win their favor. In common sense, & other; Around the head of fee & throughout; Should is very important for them. & other; QuJiangZhi throughout the &; In those young and new jinshi, arrogant excessive, testosterone, and easy to win all the prostitutes watchfulness, & other; See all percussion horseshoe disease, 1 changan flower & throughout; , it is only natural to enjoy life and enjoy life. Privileged to enjoy their officials, as future officer prostitutes serve. About prostitution, obligations, may be there is a general misunderstanding. Ordinary people often mention & other; Prostitutes & throughout; Immediately associate & other; Prostitution & throughout; , & other Sleep & throughout; And & other Sex & throughout; , but in fact the lenovo in both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign only roughly the correct part of inferior prostitutes. Some modern works also starting from the association of the above take it for granted, that officer has an obligation to official shi lay prostitutes, such as & other; Local officials are prostitutes to garment grain in the tang dynasty, to the official dedication is a kind of obligation, generally is not charging & throughout; , and so on. In fact, the officer’s official commitment prostitutes, and even private obligations of brothel visitors prostitutes, later is not like & other; Dedication throughout the &; It is straightforward.

officer are the obligations of the prostitutes are usually when officials feasts with tribute wine, including vomiting-inducing toasts, commander, playing music and singing and dancing, talking and laughing with the officials and chat, etc., in the meantime, of course, there will be a flirt, flirt, and even embrace caress circumstances, but it is still a far cry from what sexual intercourse and to go to bed. In fact, private prostitute later, until the prostitute at the turn of the century, as long as it’s not that kind of the most important ones, between them and the brothel visitors affair, or what they do for brothel visitors obligation, in most cases, also just so. To understand, to imagine the ancient officer prostitutes and medium to high later in private prostitute prostitutes for the services provided by the brothel visitors, actually very simple also & ndash; & ndash; In most cases, it is with in recent years, the government banned repeatedly & other Escort & throughout; Are very similar. & have spent

the officer between prostitution and they serve officials whether to have sex? The answer is: sometimes, but this is not their obligation. Local senior military governor, a powerful, if you want to call the district officer prostitutes to the bedroom, it is possible to infer that, but it also seems to have to to the prostitutes. In general, an official wants to have sex with prostitutes and officer, also must go through a similar & other; Love & throughout; The pursuit of the process, in the process, he needs to offer hospitality to prostitute & ndash; & ndash; Such as give money, writing poetry for her, help her fame and so on, work hard to win. In literary sketches in tang and song era records a large number of officials, the Lord is with prostitutes in love stories and legends, suggests that the situation is very common.

look at later relationship between private prostitute and brothel visitors. Many modern works are taken for granted to the relationship between a prostitute and brothel visitors as naked money and physical relationship, namely the relationship between prostitution. But, in fact, for the senior prostitutes, is far from being the case. Brothel visitors in commonly they get there, still only & other; Escort & throughout; , similar to officials and officer prostitutes. Such as to get a prostitute & other; Dedication throughout the &; Brothel visitors also must assiduously, still nothing more than to send money gratuity, write poetry boasting, big pendulum ostentation and extravagance; For a prostitute in & other; Senior & throughout; Figures, by the above this one is not enough, must also be with grace, manners, ability and knowledge drive, such as economic, can move heart, hence its wish. In the meantime is still a madly in love, the pursuit of the process. If a prostitute does a brothel visitors, that he is spending more, cannot importune prostitutes have sex with him. From a large number of Ming and qing era with prostitution as the theme of notes, as well as the biographies of flowers in the late qing dynasty, “nine tails turtle” and so on in the novel, numerous examples can be found the above-mentioned circumstances & ndash; & ndash; Counterexample is almost none, so to speak.

officer and later senior private prostitute prostitutes for compulsory brothel visitors, only & other; Escort & throughout; Such as between them and brothel visitors, sex is neither necessary nor can force & ndash; & ndash; Must by brothel visitors win heart can establish diligently pursue, this is the line of the & in the other The rules of the game & throughout; . So, for these prostitutes, them should not be interpreted as & other; A man can legally and the intercourse of & throughout; , and should be understood as & other; A man can legally and will fall in love with behavior direction throughout her &; .