Reveal the Chinese legend of dragon vein: central China dragon vein from the kunlun mountains

appeared at least 24 dynasty in Chinese history, if according to every dynasty has a dragon vein to calculate, then China is at least 24 dragon vein. The yellow emperor dragon vein in the central plains of the Yellow River basin; Dayu in the dragon vein in wenchuan county, sichuan province today the Kowloon hills; Thomson dragon vein in the Yellow River basin; The zhou dynasty dragon vein in zones; The qin dynasty dragon vein in xianyang; The han dynasty in the dragon vein in peixian county; The western jin dynasty dragon vein in Hanoi; The sui dynasty in the dragon vein in the upper reaches; Tang dynasty dragon vein in changan, west gansu, taiyuan; Song dynasty dragon vein in kaifeng, gongyi, luoyang area; Dragon vein of the yuan dynasty in Inner Mongolia grassland; Ming dragon vein in anhui fengyang; The qing dragon vein in the northeast. , of course, these are general scope, in fact, the location of the dragon vein is difficult to determine, this is because the range of the dragon is a volatile, and most of the dragon vein is mountain.

according to the analysis of China’s big dragon vein is a state of the west and east, the west direction is the Yellow River basin, huashan region is the dragon of water and outlet; Eastward direction is the Yangtze river basin, the area is the dragon of water and exit. After these two areas will form the big new China dragon vein.

China dragon vein is derived from the father of the kunlun mountains. Kunlun mountains (northwest) is to the left of the tianshan mountains, the qilian mountains, the yinshan mountains. The north has associated with it, al ways and the helan mountain, big xiaoxinganling, changbai mountain, kunlun mountains on the right side of the mount tunggula (northwest, southwest), the Himalayas, it and other mountains. Kunlun mountains dragon vein sandwiched between the north and south mountains, east to cast a brighter future for the dance. Lord of dragon vein in xi ‘an of shaanxi province (that is, the ancient capital chang ‘an), then the east (henan), the central plains and north and south, east, west branch, well will form system of kunlun mountains.

after the kunlun mountains to the central plains, XiangDongYou LiuPanShan, qinling; The north and taihang mountains; South wushan, xuefeng mountain, wuyi mountain; To the south is nanling. Add yue: hen, tai mountain, west huashan, zhong songshan, mount hengshan. Yushan and east huangshan and Taiwan (elevation 4000 meters), southwest of emei mountain. The world-famous, the only one like you – big and small dragon vein, large and small mountains form a picture of the Chinese dragon, is a dragon, little dragon mixed in wolong map. Therefore, there is a western individual sensitive politician, said China is a sleeping dragon. Politically is right, but for fengshui is wrong. Because it is not one, but a group of wolong sizes. More than 40 years ago, they sleep in a daze, the Chinese nation from advanced to backward. Now awaken pawns, our nation is bound to Renaissance. From behind to the advanced!

of course, the river is the dragon vein, water is the blood of the dragon. China’s three big rivers, the Yellow River, Yangtze river and pearl river. Three rivers in the Yellow River and the Yangtze river is originated in the qinghai-tibet plateau, qinghai province balyanlkalla mountain is the birthplace of the Yellow River, and is located in mount tunggula of the Tibet autonomous region is the source of the Yangtze river. The Yellow River, Yangtze river and pearl river east, which flows into the bohai sea, the east China sea and south China sea. More than 5400 km of the Yellow River, flows through qinghai, sichuan, shaanxi to flows into the bohai sea in shandong, after nine provinces and autonomous regions; The Yangtze river, 6300 km, flows through qinghai, sichuan, yunnan, guizhou, hunan, hubei, jiangsu to Shanghai into the east China sea, through the eight provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. Pearl river is the result of yunnan-guizhou plateau, flows through the guizhou and the guangxi zhuang autonomous region and guangdong province, with guangzhou form and rich pearl river delta, and then flows into the south China sea. With big dragon vein and the direction of the three rivers flow, to become the place of the earth formed the mountain ring of water holding.

in addition to the three rivers, and the northeast of heilongjiang, songhua river, liao river, the yalu and the tumen river and nen river; Northwest of the tarim river, the irtysh; The yarlung zangbo river, lancang river, nujiang river; The eastern region of the huaihe river, haihe river, and so on.

in addition, all parts of the provinces have their own rivers. Such as hunan xiangjiang river and jialing river in sichuan, guangxi of yongjiang river and hongshui river, and so on. Across the country and adjust the coastal waters (dragon’s blood) more than 2000 lakes; These natural freshwater lakes, reduced river rapids, make water to a big bend is little, formed the mountain ring of water holding role. Poyang lake, for example, in northern jiangxi province, is China’s largest freshwater lake, the Yangtze river here to make a big bend, water injection of poyang lake, the geomancy geography become the crown of jiangxi province, become the country’s big three (jiangsu, hubei, jiangxi) wit of the township, in hubei, hunan in the middle of the dongting lake, also is in the bend in the middle reach of Yangtze river, so the people of hunan ling jie, talented people. According to the topographic map of hunan, hunan is in extremely good fortune. Dragon refers to xinhua bear mountain is beaten, lianyuan – loudi – ningxiang – shaoshan, tap water fall Yu Lian. Shaoshan in seven inches below the site of the dragon, capital is the dragon. Chicken means, nanyue is tail, bimodal – hunan assembly, crested and tap on the other side of the ripple of water. And zeng guofan’s hometown lies in the joint of the chicken neck with chicken back, so the net out of the heroine in this area. In the midst of this, is the most expensive with bear mountain dragon vein, its soyama nine order of 1622 meters above sea level, high GaiXiangDong, most of north, south, and west regions. Around a pool, in the original order of 9 has nine ridge, each has a spring under a ridge, and spring water flow in the late 1970 s, has largely disappeared.

is the potential of the dragon mountain, water is the blood of the dragon, therefore, mountains and water is indispensable to the dragon vein. Since the ancient times, mountain ring of water place is on high ground. Even beyond the fengshui, the idea of dragon vein said not to talk, anyone in this environment of the hills and water show growth, life is not a kind of harmony, happy to enjoy.