Reveal the doors into a god process: in charge of examination’t die and become god in demon ghost

the doors He Yicheng god

the author: lian-shan Chen

the used like a performance face, give a person with deep impression. Painting doors green eyebrow open, purple face fangs, right hand holding a pen, left hand holding & other; Good luck in the New Year & throughout; Scrolls, image & other; Close-up & throughout; Contrast technique, extremely impact, huang zi, strongly. Folk in the New Year’s day, stick like this at a gate or the wall, screen wall with evil fortune.

the doors is a popular belief, an evil spirits, devils and the New Year pictures of the opera, there are many doors.

traditional local-style dwelling houses of gate is generally double off, so pictures also are in pairs, the goalkeeper in the tu yu lei, qin shubao to WeiChi purge. But the keeper of the doors as is a alone. I visit the yangliuqiu town in 1993 and bought a “blessing from heaven”, is a long beard, red robe, hold the sword of the doors, the upper left corner a bat falling from the sky. The goalkeeper is suitable for on the single door. Stick the doors like custom began in the tang dynasty in the New Year. At that time, at the end of each year, the academician the emperor to lay the doors, to reward. Folk is also popular in door hanging doors like to drive the demons to ward off bad luck. Doors of what this man to god?

northern song dynasty scientist shen kua referred to in the “fill in writing” the palace collection of a picture by wu daoxuan doors. This as there are words: tang dynasty tang dynasty malaria, one. Dream of a big blue devil seize a theft of the palace the imp in purple shorts, and swallow it up. Xuan zong asked what ghost, big ghost replied, & other; I used’s, namely Wu Ju man also not nimble. Oath with your genie is in addition to the world. Throughout the &; Dream, xuanzong spent diseases away. Wu daoxuan summoned painters in xuan zong dream and painting doors. The core content of this legend is’t the exam, die and become god, except the uber ghosts.

later legends about the doors into god’s basic it is such a model. Palace in the Ming dynasty enshrined in the new play of the qinfeng year five ghost doors “cloud: the doors is mount zhongnan ganhe town people, life ZhiZheng, spirit ghost. Take part in the imperial examinations, literarily. Guo-zhong Yang took bribes, the doors of the article. Other officials will test report the emperor, the emperor appointed the doors to the world top of them. But as the doors of the hotel in died, officials had to put the royal give incineration festivals. God’s mercy, seal the doors for & other; The world is the judge, catch the shadows ghosts & throughout; . The qing dynasty, pu songling’s drama Zhong Mei celebrates the life of “says the doors because looks ugly and trails, provoke his head into the Jin Jie and die. God’s mercy, Zhuo for nine you three cao judge, in charge of the nether world.


test, depressed, is the largest ancient scholars, tragedy in life. Later added the legend of the examiner fraud, plus’t because of looks ugly, poor, how step by step to strengthen the doors of death. The doors of death sparked a deep sympathy that even god has been moved in the legend, then the doors were blocked into god.

in fact, many gods in ancient China is an unnatural death of an ordinary people. Ice reduced death by drowning into the Yellow River water of the river. Fuxi daughter Mi princess be drowning luohe water nymph. Wu zixu was being murdered case, into a tide of god (or wujiang narcissus). Qu yuan river, into the xiangjiang river narcissus. Die of jie zitui burnings, become a medium mountain god. The “zigu” die abused by her mother-in-law become toilet god. So on, abound. The former life is no supernatural ability, pure person. They are able to after death into god, reflects a common social psychological & ndash; & ndash; Sure abnormal dead undead depressed, angry, restless. Members at this time, if a society happen to dream of the dead (the possibility is very high, because everybody is always focus on the abnormal death) has some supernatural powers, such as the eastern han dynasty GuangWuDi kenwood years back in broad daylight hallucinations, saw profess to chu qu yuan in the river, so tang dream of doors in the ghost, then society is easy to think of the dead has become god. The result is popular, because they this bottom can be at ease completely, don’t have to worry about the dead inhibited the revenge. As a result, various worship ritual activities are & hellip; & hellip;