Reveal the first inventor of the vinegar: du kang, the son of the black tower

in today’s shanxi yuncheng, there is a legend called du kang who invented the wine. His son black tower also learned to brewing technology with du kang. Later, the black tower rate moved to now place in zhenjiang, jiangsu province. There, they think vinasse away but after wine, hold up, soak in the cylinder. The 21st YouShi, a cylinder, a never smell the aroma. Under the rich aroma of temptation, dark tower tastes, both sour and sweet, taste is very beautiful, it holds as & other; A sauce & throughout; . What’s the name of this sauce? The black tower add 21 & other; Unitary & throughout; Word to be named after this spice called & other; Vinegar & throughout; . Our country is the world’s earliest grain vinegar, as early as the 8th century BC have written records of vinegar. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period, there have been specially brewed vinegar workshops. To the han dynasty, the vinegar start general production. Northern and southern dynasties, the vinegar production and sales have been very big, at the time of the masterpiece qimin yaoshu had systematically summed up the system of our country labor people from ancient times to the northern wei period vinegar experience and achievements, books of the communist party of China made vinegar contains 22 kinds of methods, this is also our country existing historical data, the first recorded on the food vinegar.