Reveal the Japanese sumo hardships “fattening” (picture)

sumo is the essence of Japan’s Japanese special like a traditional sport, sumo as Mount Fuji, become the pronoun of Japan. Outstanding like film stars by the Japanese sumo wrestlers, especially teenagers love and admiration, become a famous man of the hour. So if you want to be a good wrestler will be going through a very tough training process, and Japanese sumo wrestling is not level, therefore, the heavier weight, the more advantages, so the sumo & other; Fattening & throughout; Is also a very important step in training…

sumo wrestlers eat noon and night only two meals a day, is a hot pot, just taste changes every day.

is to eat every meal to his throat, and began to sleep. Also, they make some very intense exercise, and they practice is also very fierce, fitness is the jin, meat damaged, torn, and then let the tendons, meat, grow up.

dimension of sumo meal can eat is equal to the average 5.6 people eat meals.

usually chafing dish to eat, after some sumo wrestlers must eat a lot of cream cakes and other desserts, after eating a good sleep at once.