Reveal “the swallow lee three” : because of opium consumption and death (FIG.)


January 24, 1935, the Beijing news reported the swallow lee three was sentenced to 12 years

at the moment, 42 sets TV series “new swallow lee three” are several TV hit. In fact, since the thirties of the 20th century, the folk have been all kinds of stories circulating about & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; Legend, moreover, to swallow lee three version also has a lot of film and television works, such as the 1972 Hong Kong film “the swallow lee three”, in 1996 by the Beijing film studio and Hong Kong offices of pictures co-production film “god steal the swallow three li”, in 1997 by the mainland 34 sets series “the swallow lee three & hellip; & hellip; Screen the swallow lee three most martial arts prowess, and his body is as light as yan, CuanFangYueJi, climbing, steal the rich poor & hellip; & hellip; In the history of real swallow lee three exactly is what kind of person? Who is the real swallow lee three? The swallow lee three in folklore has several versions?

tianjin jixian li fen

the swallow lee three in folklore has several versions. A for tianjin jixian & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; Li fen. Li fen is the storehouse jixian town Cheng Guzhuang people, just in the late qing dynasty, jingdong bogai third, said Finn three yes. Li fen fighting skill and bravery, grand to helpful to eat on the case. Li fen before will be WenZhan, smell its name a concubine of the emperor, know the wrong, request the emperor pardons, achievement a & other; Save hero throughout & beauty; The legend. Locals put bogai second grass fly Liang Ying such as wulin story lines to him and called him swallow lee three, the village has its cemetery with inscriptions. Broken capitalism in the 1960 s and later & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Meantime, the tomb of li fen of the protection of the local people.

shandong yucheng Li Shengwu

another is shandong yucheng & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; , called Li Shengwu. Li Shengwu is yucheng deal, for the son of old profess & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; . As a child he practiced some fists, idle, raffish. The hornets to later looted and burned. Li Shengwu chairman had infiltrated the government of shandong province Han Fu moment mansion steal, become famous kuomintang rule & other; Snitch & throughout; . Because Li Shengwu whereabouts erratic, lee again, so people took him and enjoys a good reputation of the Beijing and tianjin god steal & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; Link. Li Shengwu in order to expand his influence in the Mafia, also & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; Li Jinghua lines to the self, will boast climbing everywhere. In fact, every time after he was arrested by the police, is a connection with money and released. The police station in order not to feel aggrieved, are happy to help him boasts of its & other; Climbing & throughout; In the work. Jinan city after the liberation, the KMT secret service will Li Shengwu buy off. Li Shengwu robbed the jinan qinfeng of gold, and shoot. Then robbed the old phoenix secondhand clothes city street store 24 gold ingot, then killed merchant JiBo kiosks, lotus lotus street lane. This series of malignant cases caused very bad effect, soon, be I wanted for the public security organs as the object. Li Shengwu cunning treachery, capture all let him several times to escape. But he likes the coveted good sleeping in, and a large sum of money was urgently needed in the process of the flight. According to these characteristics, I of the public security organ rigorous investigation, finally targeting geisha Zhang Gonglan in xuzhou. On June 24, 1949, under the close cooperation of xuzhou municipal public security bureau, finally it captured. On October 27, 1949, 29, duane Li Shengwu been executed outside the twelve road north clamp. The jinan swallow lee three is the thief, is the robber, is against the people, ripoff & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; .

Peiping Li Jinghua

& other; another is Beijing The swallow lee three & throughout; , formerly known as Li Jinghua, also known as li. Li Jinghua is also regarded as authentic swallow lee three, reason has 3: the first is due to Li Jinghua first said the swallow lee three; The second was beiping newspapers in all kinds of reports of Li Jinghua lee three are referred to as the swallow. On August 13, 1927, the “morning news” said it & other; The famous black latent (money) robber swallow lee three & throughout; . On July 3, 1929 of the profit of the newspaper in the context of the thieves escaped from prison after arrest of climbing, bracketed used after Li Jinghua name & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; In addition, when the police, courts and prisons, etc on the documents are successively used & other The swallow lee three (namely Li Jinghua) & throughout; The call.

& other; The swallow lee three & throughout; Whether a state is the flying?

drama of lee three climbing, fantastic. Legends on a winter’s night, lee three old niang wanted to eat the fire, he took more than one hour, the hot fire to buy back. Others thought he bought from the county seat, because only get sesame county fire nearby. But three li told we were purchased from tianjin, also proudly flashed out with tianjin text wrapping paper. Walk back and forth a few hundred mile, how did he do it? & other; The swallow three copy of water & throughout; Water and light achievement in fact, there is no such as line, but was conducted in order to shape the character image artistic exaggeration. Similarly, the legendary bone augmentation is also a kind of exaggeration. Rarely miss Li Jinghua theft, because every time are through the thorough careful examination before the crime, and is equipped with a special potion and all kinds of keys. Commit crime in the little sounds, a trace, because often in five or six double cloth at the bottom of socks. Li Jinghua does CuanFangYueJi skills, but more is climbing with the aid of trees, pole, or push wall borrow trouble, grilled along with the hand, can’t dry onion.

obviously, TV series in the swallow lee three which one is not a specific character. Years of the republic of China, in the region in hebei province as the center, as many as a dozen, known as the swallow three li, there are a lot of jianghu bandit to hide their real identities, often with three name li steal everywhere. The police didn’t break, as long as there is a case as lee three dry, even to steal rich senior people such a case, unified call lee three crime, the & other; Lee three crime & throughout; As the pronoun of the theft. Whatever the headless theft, all were upon the swallow lee three. TV shows three li, at least the three or four once appear this kind of real image of the thief, knead to a process.

defense lawyers in the eyes of the swallow lee three

the so-called real three li, that is, the story of the accepted the swallow lee three, namely Li Jinghua. 1895, Li Jing Watson in zhuozhou, hebei youth with his uncle went to cangzhou. Numerous of cangzhou martial arts, he also follow from master kung fu, tree climbing the wall is a piece of cake, not ordinary people can ratio. According to the defense lawyer Cai Li memories: & other; Cangzhou people training, he was there to learn some martial arts & hellip; & hellip; Late teens, followed the cangzhou a team on the tramp to henan luoyang busk. Homes in luoyang, the team lost things, people suspected him, put him out. He born in luoyang two, no landing, then live on theft. Throughout the &; Once, he see luoyang police commander Bai Jianwu bullying, very angry, then sneak into the White House during the night, to take their revolver stolen, the pistol with Sam Browne belt hanging in his garden, leave a note, saying & other & lsquo; The swallow lee three & rsquo; Visit & throughout; . This makes Bai Jianwu very indignation, but again afraid things out injured his face, there will be no fighting. Li Jinghua in local stealing again after a few giants, caused the local top celebrities to jealousy, authorities catch him everywhere. Li Jing huawei evade capture, anonymity to the shaolin temple.

come out from the shaolin temple, Li Jinghua escaping to the local area. He commit crime has two characteristics: one is designed to steal giants rich, never harassed poor people; Second, after total want to leave some traces, such as follow the novel butterfly, chamomile, thieves, put a & wrapped in white paper folded into other The swallow & throughout; Put in place, or left to write & other The swallow lee three & throughout; Of note, to show that don’t do anything underhand, men do things men when. This made him famous, & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; The nickname derived therefrom.

Cai Li in “I swallow lee three defense lawyer’s memories has described in Li Jinghua steal the work of god: & other; He can upside down, the body like a gecko clingy wall climbing, he had to climb on the tall hall, built in the walls, this method is called & lsquo; Scorpion & rsquo; . He will also point qigong, somehow a gas, the heel can back to the bone. He took a rope, the rope tied at one end an iron claws, throw the rope to a tree or on the wooden beams a, iron claw will catch on the wood, he went down the rope climb. Because of this, although ZhenJiDui strongly bring to him many times, but it is difficult to catch. Is caught also does not see him, his heel bone a shrink, iron chains fell off. So he was arrested in Peiping has seven, seven times to escape. Throughout the &;

Li Jinghua theft is highgate, even when the provisional ruling in east Beijing good omen alley mouth a mansion, prime minister Pan Fu shandong clique and big warlords, ChuYuPu and other people’s property, he had stolen. The stolen property is sometimes given to the poor, but the vast majority of his food and drink piao wager away suction pipes. In 1934, Li Jinghua were arrested again after put in Peiping reformatories. See the jailer reformatories salaries paid, he was out an idea, let the jailer put him to go out at night, after he came back, the stolen thing in the world by their distribution. Later, he also and reformatories inspector Shi Haishan become sworn brothers. So Li Jinghua back to sleep during the day, go out at night to steal, to make a lot of cases. But he keep his promise, must be timely return after the crime, to Shi Haishan etc. A lot of people & other; Benefits & throughout; . One night in August, the manager of the xidan lihua silks and satins zhuang guo-ying pan to Hal fly TingXi theatre, Li Jinghua away, following him sit rickshaw to xidan two residential, stole a lot of high-grade silk and clothing. Soon, Shi Haishan holding a Li Jinghua cleaners and dyers to his high-grade wool vest, the owner found this to be Pan Zhai, immediately report the guo-ying pan. Originally, guo-ying pan stolen except to inform the police also informed about each, please be sure to pay attention to them. ZhenJiDui will receive goods Shi Haishan and some other people catch up, the front door of a locked in harrier hutong ZhenJiDui headquarters trial. Learned this news Li Jinghua hiding in interrogation on the roof of the hall after eavesdropping, discovered by ZhenJiDui capture.

on December 9, 1934: the Beijing news reported & other; Luan, the court jail escaped again, therefore, to prevent, to lee three wear wooden dog devices, the will to fight. Throughout the &; & other; Wooden dog & throughout; Also called & other; Wooden dog & throughout; , is one of the old wooden instruments of torture, two legs, and put it in the prisoner shall not be free slip clutch. This is a kind of primitive, savage and brutal torture.

in January 1935, the local court beiping & other; The swallow lee three & throughout; The case of theft. After several twists and turns, the case to the Supreme Court, the court decided that Li Jinghua & other; The robber sin & throughout; And sentenced to 12 years. Li Jinghua will appeal the decision to appeal. Lawyer then Peiping union vice President Mr Cai Li defended Li Jinghua free thought, & other; Sentenced to 12 years in prison is overweight & throughout; , & other; But even heavier sentenced to eight years & throughout; . Has not yet reply to wait until the Supreme Court, however, on January 9, 1936 Li Jinghua caused by long-term opium consumption these attacks and illness in Peiping in jail, at the age of 40.