Reveal the top ten spy technology: drink medicine is old trick

the international spy museum director Peter & middot; Ernest said: & other; Spying on the communication methods have a certain originality, especially in the second world war, some spies, strategies and techniques adopted many little-known spy. Throughout the &;

the cia former director Robert & technical service office middot; Wallace said, from ancient times to the 20th century, espionage is almost always conducted in private. He and historians Keith & middot; Melton in the near future to write “spy industry” and the cia official technical manual, detailed lists some spy skills and methods, here are ten spy strategy in the confidential information.

machine catfish in the 1970 s, the cia used a shaped like dragonfly unmanned air system for intelligence reconnaissance. In 2003, the United States central intelligence agency’s science and technology department revealed a shape like a catfish machine catfish real role, scientists believe that this kind of machine before fish is only used to test nuclear facilities in the surrounding water environment, the fact that it’s real purpose is to steal intelligence related information.

combustible laptops during the second world war, spy confidential information will be recorded in a special kind of pyro film combustible laptops, when to use a special pencil strokes notebook, can lead to notebook burning, it works similar to a grenade, in seconds notebook to record all information disappear.

& other; Magic box & throughout; Spy must whereabouts so elusive, should be to avoid being detected. So they will use to print on silk map, and wouldn’t rustle. British military intelligence agency in the late 1930 s and 40 s who use built-in miniature compass button.

drink medicine in the 1950 s, spy on each other drink medicine is old trick, for example: women wearing gloves, spy on each other to light up a cigarette when matchbook ignite the flame, will hand over the other side of the cup, at the end of the matchbook will shake off some medicine material into the cup, drinking it, people will appear illusion.

phone hacking in the 1960 s, the integrated circuit is a major scientific breakthrough, Wallace said: & other; Integrated circuit can reduce energy consumption, safety and reliability of 100%, while it is one over ten the size of the telephone signal transmitter before only, this means that the spy placed to any phone can put the bug. Throughout the &;

brush & other information; Wipe a shoulder pass intelligence & throughout; Usually appear in the movie, only in the physical contact between intelligence as carrier can be sent to the other party. Which means from the cold war spy has appeared.

hollow coin put intelligence a famous spy technology called & other; Throughout point & intelligence secret transmission; , is the intelligence information in a device. After spy delivered the these information carrier. The international spy museum director Peter & middot; Ernest, said hollow coin can also carry information, although the space is very narrow, in the hollow COINS but spies can be placed a miniature copy file, this kind of miniature copy the file system is the central intelligence agency developed in 60 ~ 70 s last century, need a high-performance magnifying glass to read the hidden information.

short code machine before mobile phones, the central intelligence agency developed a short-range communication system technology services office (SRAC), make the two agents can be passed in short distance between the secret information, the SRAC device appearance similar to a computer, keyboard with a stylus.

letter openers cia museum are on show a kind of the second world war ii use letter openers, along the letters, the gap can openers intact to open the mail, after stealing the content information to sealed again.

hidden in a public place of intelligence reconnaissance reconnaissance information hiding technique can leave hidden in the signal, Wallace described as magic intelligence transmission way, through in the obvious place to put some intelligence device, make people easy to ignore its existence, so as to achieve the goal of information security. (xinhua)