Revealing the secrets behind his magic circle “hidden rules” : conservative money be handed to the teacher teaching

yesterday was the last day of the national holiday, MAO’s home in the port area of the teahouse, people have already spread the brand making good tea, ready to enjoy the sunshine, languid is lazy to spend a day. Several magicians come suddenly broke the peace, they toward an overwhelming, politely invite each other to do one magic & other; Props & throughout; .

16 October 14 solstice, jointly organized by the provincial federation and zhejiang daily newspaper group, and provincial association ZaJiGu qianjiang evening news jointly undertake & other; The second China international exchange of magic & throughout; Soon, the magicians from hangzhou, which is for the magic event on the street.

yesterday at the scene and five & other; Throughout south fang early know &; Weibo for avid readers, they lucky from magic world conference champion Dai Binchun and magic rookie Han Xiao jia learned a few hands there. Dai Binchun taught is liu qian to the Spring Festival gala & other; Elastic across & throughout; . In addition, readers FeiFang because with perfect Han Xiao fine performance, accidentally given a pair of magic CARDS (magic items).

& other; One, two, three! Throughout the &; , two entangled string are divided by a magic moment. The sinews of magic, the reader emperor learned three times will be the dreams, could not help but shout loudly: & other; I can take this to fool other people! Throughout the &; Her laugh from ear to ear, this is her desire Dai Binchun: & other; Dai was unexpectedly kind easy-going. Throughout the &; For more than an hour, emperor is almost & other dreams; Sticky & throughout; The Dai Binchun, signature, photograph, to learn magic, two people familiar te fast.

when you also looked at Dai Binchun with ecstasy, the other a magician Han Xiao jia had sat down, smiling & other; I’ll show the CARDS for you! Throughout the &; After he is eerily from jeans pocket touch out a pair of & other; Contact CARDS & throughout; Nothing (hand) : & other; You imagine it’s there, now, I want you to shuffle first, and then randomly pick a turn to the front to back. Throughout the &;

Han Xiao jia let readers FeiFang followed his instructions, FeiFang expertly make the motion of a series of shuffling to the air, her from this picture & other; Contact CARDS & throughout; In the a & other; Spades A” . Miraculously, when Han Xiao jia took out A pair of really playing CARDS, A spades impressively with positive appeared in A deck of CARDS.

FeiFang was surprised, she said to her & other; Is by no means & lsquo; Day care & rsquo; Throughout, not informed in advance &; . And in order to thank her with performances, Han Xiao jia to reward her a deck of playing CARDS (magic items).

& other; Magic is a lie, but the magician’s kung fu is true. Throughout the &; Dai Binchun independently a sip of tea, like swapping with readers about the magic. & other; Every magician has its own style, such as the elastic magic, someone play someone so so, one thousand magic may have one thousand kinds of style, see who play well. Throughout the &;

Dai Binchun and readers also speak up some old stories, studying magic to let this autumnal nice morning, much a nostalgic.

& other; Magic in China has been in & lsquo; The master train an apprentice & rsquo; The way of inheritance, professional magic school or in recent years. Circle there is an old saying: & lsquo; The church disciple starved to death, his master & rsquo; , so the teacher teaching is very conservative. A person to learn magic, first & lsquo; With three years & rsquo; Pack a busboy grinding character; After & lsquo; At three years & rsquo; , also not be opened to teach by holding the teacher will let you help to helping, you have to own enlightenment; Then & lsquo; Thank three years & rsquo; These three years, all money to the teacher. Throughout the &;

Dai Binchun tell readers, in the 1990 s, in addition to his word, usually also often follow the video learning, video slow-motion replay, read one would ponder over and over again, don’t like today’s young people can easily see the video on the Internet to learn magic.