Revelation: “all men” ballet training through physiological limits The jocular

New York topkapi her ballet, founded in 1974, all composed of actor, established at the start of outrageous humour and skill to the attention.

group male ballet dancer must spend years to learn to use toe shoes for women, endure tougher than female students training, to break through the physiological limit is quite flexible, and gradually master the air turn, whip turn difficulty movement, etc. Body such as the ancient Greek sculptural actors to play up the swan, fairy, princess, lady, not as inferior as actresses, speech and there is no lack of the respect of the ballet performance, instead, give a person a kind of unique artistic enjoyment.

dance company was founded more than 30 years, footprint traveled the United States, Japan, Russia, South Africa and other countries more than 500 cities. Troupe everywhere also received high evaluation in local media, national radio evaluation: & other; If you like ballet, will you love topkapi d ROM; If you don’t like ballet, you will be more love topkapi Diane. Throughout the &; Their evaluation is PAR magazine, China Taiwan and other Their performance will make you a high-five, and couldn’t help laughing! Throughout the &;

heavy taste performances humorous

topkapi Diane’s performance is fit. They can not only meet the ballet enthusiasts for the pursuit of art, more can let audiences never enjoy ballet, even children, can be integrated into the cheerful atmosphere of unrestraint.

male dancers often need to spend two hours in the background elaborate makeup look, thick wigs, thick false eyelash, subtle change in the quality of the building, they used long, obscure between Russian ballet diva call each other name, such & other; Heavy taste & throughout; Will show on the stage with their appearance. & other; Deep V” Dew point of the bodice, more than a thick white swan, reverse the traditional elegant swan lake; Seemingly clumsy has always stood toe walking, walking and dropping of the dying swan, these humorous but show great ballet technique action, convey a witty man ballet art charm. This performance group will perform “swan lake”, “big pas DE deux”, “baroque”, “the dying swan”, classical ballet passage raymonda wedding etc.