Revelation found yuan to arrange the whole process has no matter Lin Guang ji complete

“Lin Guang remember things” is a daily encyclopedia type of folk books in ancient China, the author signed by Chen jing. According to qing quarter famous bibliophile Liu Xinyuan research, Chen for the southern song dynasty last years fujian worship Ann. The book was lost, the existing photocopy that a variety of yuan and Ming dynasties, and Japan, have been augmented and deletion.

the incident Lin Guang category widespread, astronomy, geography. The book contains more common status and living materials, for example, included in the urban society at that time the popular & other; Cut the oral & throughout; And to tell on a variety of paper writing, and arithmetic & other; Tired arithmetic method & throughout; , & other Yang algorithm & throughout; And so on. In addition, the illustrations in the book a lot, & other; Throughout north double Liu Pan horse system &; , & other Round club touch field figure & throughout; And so on, is the social life in the song dynasty city scene vividly. It opens the later books, graphic and heavy way, “three figure will only” in the Ming dynasty, qing dynasty of the integration of ancient and modern books are influenced by it.

since the advent of the book is very wide, among the people since the end of the southern song dynasty to the early Ming dynasty, bookshop FanKe unceasingly. Each FanKe and supplement some new content. Such as & other; All previous dynasties calendar & throughout; A door, the yuan dynasty FanKeBen added a number of the early yuan dynasty emperor, Ming FanKeBen and end to the yuan dynasty. Territory and adopted, but also for regime change reflected in each edition. Can now see the Lin Guang remember things have six different versions, of which one of the first is from yuan shun (1330 & ndash; 1333) take a razor academy versions, in 1963 by zhonghua book company photocopy.

1963 zhong hua written copy contains Hu Daojing “foreword”. Mentioned in the “preface”, 1963 copy by zhonghua book company is according to war before the commercial press in blank made of natural original editions photography publishing. This book of phototype preservation has been exist for ten years, have fuzzy defect part layout, with the original book existing Taiwan not to justify and therefore no trace repair; And set before the fifth volume deficiency, cannot fill is taken, only CunMu. In fact, on the directory page, also can see clearly that & other; Set before the fifth volume (short) & throughout; The words, which is under the specific historical environment at that time can’t remedy the pity.

like Hu Daojing at that time, attention and dedicated to the study of Lin Guang remember things in the academic circles, and Luo Fubao. Luo Fubao is Chinese master Luo Zhenyu fourth son, I also proficient in ancient philology, epigraphy and version, the natural thing Lin Guang ji also their watches.

on August 19, 1954, Luo Fubao in Beijing university to consult the library Lin Guang remember things all versions. Luo Fubao read in RMB yuan to the pavilion is hidden, after six years of zheng product honestly don photocopy again refer to a “Lin Guang remember things” section of the reserves. Perhaps Luo Fubao believes that some of the content is not found in reserves in the festival to yuan this Lin Guang remember things, hence to the price of 700 yuan per page, the printing section on page 27 reserves, plus the cost of the binding, this time spent 24900 yuan to Mr Luo.

Luo Fubao have been looking for the earliest versions of the journal Lin Guang remember things, yuan to arrange this before shipped to Taiwan, he himself had gone to fit check. He thought, the domestic has yuan to arrange this previous versions, came to BeiTu refer to just understand, he had seen the yuan to arrange this set, is by far the earliest versions. Today was at hand doesn’t even have a copy of this, a thought of here, feel particularly regret.

on March 25, 1957, the kuomintang (KMT), Taiwan “central daily” published on the palace carry the number of cultural relics and showroom opened. A month later, Luo Fubao saw on the guangming daily, signed & other; The ancient throughout every &; Published articles, the article says Taiwan number of cultural relic of the imperial palace is wrong, may be part of the cultural relics have been lost. Luo Fubao put aside the newspaper, a long sigh of relief. After thinking for a long time, Luo Fubao immediately wrote to friends from all walks of life (including Taiwan) consultation, search the Lin Guang remember things the original copies of the work has become increasingly urgent. At the time of the situation, of course, the letters sent it to the who, whether to reach, what is the result, now have no way of knowing. But in 1963, zhong to start publishing the Lin Guang remember things photocopy, suddenly happened.

at the end of the finished typesetting, and review, YinChang have arranged to print on the eve of the Hu Daojing suddenly received a mysterious letter. There is not any letter in the envelope, the thin a few similar lap as a small bag of film. Hu fine under the lamp at a moment, immediately sent to zhong hua staff, request print photos. Three days later, when he saw this batch was developed in zhong hua office photos, decided to pay homage, even claimed. Original, the design of shown on the picture, it is already declared missing to shun the “Lin Guang remember things” set before the fifth volume of full text.

he was sent to, with the photos from YinChang back to a set of six copies of feeds to arrange this matter Lin Guang record copy. He took the line of lithographic notebook ZhanDou very long, very favorable, although BanPian has some defects, but with such a set of complete data for academic research. But he looked at the a new copy of the printed, a purchase often-expensive piled that a pile of photos, frown, still seems somewhat without hesitation.

the photocopy of this printed about one thousand copies that year, all in the front place specially the paste & other Internal data throughout the &; The TAB, diffusing it when I read it very quickly, hidden in the shelf large closet. Similar to the original book size, paper, printing, and set before a thin copies of volume 5 copy tucked in between the thick book thread-bound book six volumes; Due to the number of pages really low, only to fine lead wire made the order. Without any special instructions, no instructions, the cover of this booklet is obviously later printing part, as to how much printing, and how many we enclose bonus, is unknown. He also no article tries to disclose, in afterward that Peking University library in the 90 s this lady product honestly don photocopy photocopy to yuan “Lin Guang remember things, still follow hu’s preface, think to shun the former set volume v is missing, more, in turn, think the copy is very valuable, completion the book, at least make the book content is more complete.

only after just three years time, & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; Start. In 1966, Hu Daojing was arrested and jailed. In 1967, Luo Fubao died. About to shun the “Lin Guang remember things” in 1963, the copy of the brochure, buzzing of dispute is scattered in the decade that come down should be extremely rare. That after 30 years, people settle for second best to copy to yuan “Lin Guang remember things” in order to view complete; That nearly 50 years later, the academic circles still eager to cross-strait academic exchange, can let the other side of the strait for a long time the earliest versions of the whole thing Lin Guang ji choi show in the world. Regret is not only, also we can’t see this & other Throughout the whole wall &; , more regretful is, Mr Hu, two & created the hard by the other; Must the whole wall & throughout; Up to now.