Revelation “fox spirit” in China: Beijing suburbs around 30 s fox is fine

“the fox said,” smile (beauty), phenanthrene, Yao Zhengzhi, zhejiang university press in December 2011, 38.00 yuan.

“the four doors,” li wei progenitor, Zhou Xing supplement of, Beijing university press in January 2011, 25.00 yuan.

The static

chestnut month

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the gentle sun jia in the fortress besieged with a red-billed and ten tips and long red fingernails painted Mrs Wang’s & other; Outline & throughout; . Mention fox all knowing, but few words difficult to depict the essence. But the Ming dynasty novel soul hunter that Sue da ji in antemortem written estimate along man idea of the image of fox:

& other; Words da ji bound tied outside the YuanMen, kneeling in the dust, suddenly is a piece of jade, flower qin, the face line sunglow; Turn leer infinite amorous feelings, voice aches and enchanting & hellip; & hellip; The sergeant to see da ji beauty, has its own very pity, plus his femininity, calling the captains, several times the general short. Then called the sergeant, tendons, bone soft mouth stay eyes stare, soft stupid, make a pile of flax, and crisp cake into a cake of, don’t move the shoe. Throughout the &;

although now agree, and confused the main, the nation’s seductie portrayal Sue da ji is a nine-tailed fox, but kang smiled fe in the book said fox tells us that in the literature of han dynasty, the nine-tailed fox is auspicious sign. According to a book in the western han dynasty Confucian classics “rites”, because the nine-tailed fox when die head towards their birth nest, its not forggestting, is a model of rende. Make note of the jin dynasty for the shanhaijing people shanhaijing summarized itself is also a famous prophet, he is a famous the nine-tailed fox praise: & other; The green church of nine tails fox. Youdao see, a bit book. Throughout the &; (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

not only has a disruptive change, China’s fox spirit faith also is only a blur. Although mainly by the beauty of a woman’s image in literature, but the book said fox also tells us that the fox fine image, men and women, old and less. Fox fine active in every corner, harassing people in home, hotel and office. Fox spirit bear the different priests: the god of wealth, the patron saint of personal family mediums, prostitutes and the guardian of the people, badly but big fairy, sometimes is the waiter brigitte xia yuan jun, sometimes it is his angel. Ostasiatischen seminar at the Columbia University, Dr Fox spirit faith provides a special prism, through this prism can perspective, understand China’s religion and the social culture of China.

fox spirit of fieldwork

palaeontology study found that almost all throughout China there is a fox, but since the middle ages, people believed the fox in north China with the spiritual. Almost all existing middle fox legend, is set in north China. Even at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, fox spirit faith has spread to other area in China, but particularly popular fox spirit faith or in north China area. (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

in the late 1930 s, yanjing university sociology department of university student li wei progenitor field visiting survey found on the outskirts of Beijing, although by the national government crackdown, but of the four doors, including fox spirit faith still legend behind, from the perspective of a recently published book four doors, it is full of Beijing suburbs fox extract. Is behind the yanjing university boys dormitory building there was a fox practiced Dan, luxuriant xiu garden (Simon) across the north also has a pair of fox an alchemist. Religious building, yanjing university on the west side there is a small hill, there lived a fox spirit of enlightenment, often around a bit in the afternoon, to the mound near a lotus pond to drink. In the old Summer Palace, there are a lot of fox spirit, often into the shape of the old man, to the nearby shops to buy groceries, carrying goods went to the house of burned disappeared under the base.

“the fox said,” although such as notes, mystery novels, distinguishing of ancient literature is given priority to, but there are in yulin of shaanxi province in 1997 a man named polo do fieldwork in the village. Polo in the village there is a long line of temple, called polo lead temple. Similar to other temples, there is also a king kong, seven large transformers are ferocious, armed with weapons, dressed in armor. But otherwise a king kong is dressed in Confucianism, middle-aged robe and crown, the statue of king kong is a fox spirit. Called Jin Chan bodhi old zu, once I as a fox.

the authors collected the local fox WuLeiWu story. LeiWu was born in 1927, illiterate until 20, still he kept sheep. At this time, the fox extract from polo lead temple to him for the first time. When fox fine appendage, LeiWu must be crazy, in the cold winter night, naked run around, the hottest in the summer the sun wearing a thick coat, and sleep in dirty dunghill. When he return to absolute being, all don’t know what happened. Two years later, fox essence LeiWu become a psychic, from the start, LeiWu fox and his family are opposed to essence request, but the fox fine work continuously, let his ass boils the longer, the greater the even walk in. Can’t, LeiWu only promise. Charge, then LeiWu have always been a cure, and it is said that fox fine can make up the path accordingly.

kang smile fe is in Beijing grew up listening to the mother fox fine story. With local research slightly different, like the author grew up in China, to study abroad, after and still do the field in China, is engaged in the research of Chinese, Chinese culture is amphibious species, they learned to use another kind of vision and review their mother culture, has the sensitivity to the defamiliarization of mother culture. The so-called & other; The other eye & throughout; Mainly refers to the fact that their western sociological theories of glasses perspective of traditional Chinese culture, for the interpretation of the western system.

fox spirit of sociological interpretation

Ji xiaolan

in the 18th century Chinese officials and scholars in his said in a tiny cottage reading notes, heterogeneous, fox is between characters, focuses on different road, fox is between focuses, immortal demon extremely way, between the immortal demon fox. A say the fox fine complex and rich language, say, fox spirit to understand the Chinese religion and culture nourishes the multiple meaning of a piece of big fat, open the possibility of many interpretations.

the author of four doors, li wei face under the influence of durkheim sociology, think the fox spirit faith is a kind of social system, had the function of its existence and reason. Kang smile Philippines argues that fox spirit to pursue discriminately, individual and local interests provides the opportunity to let people from the interference of the official power and morality. Such as fox spirit faith shelter the desire to wander in the moral gray zones pursue, like sex or steal house to house. Fox spirit in Chinese culture embodied the French sociologist bourdieu defined & other; The official & throughout; Order and & other Unofficial & throughout; Tension between the habit.

the fox fine altar in not usually important and private place, like a backyard, near the door, or a bedroom, and in like the cases, nameless’re, or haystack extremely brief form. Traditionally, Chinese officials for FengSi fox spirit, as Yin si (meaning is illegal, immoral, decency). According to the records of song dynasty history, gold invasion, the fox into the GongJin, according to the couch and sat down. So the next letter to destroy the fox king temple. But it turns out that similar official as has always been in vain.

because of the country, the monk, Taoism and Confucianism elite to fox fine consistency of interpretation. Fox spirit faith not only in the inclusion but cozy with Buddhism, Taoism, and many other complex factors. From the tao’s point of view, for example, hu jing is the science of uniting the immortal spirit. From the perspective of shaman, mediums, is dedicated to the charm of monkey. Although fox culture originated from the ancient folk customs, growth in the soil of folk culture, but generations of intellectuals also actively involved in the creation of related. Yuan mei’s son not language has more than 40, ji xiaolan “micro thatched cottage reading notes” more than 180 articles.

it is through elite fox spirit faith, bureaucracy, monks and ordinary people, are different in local, regional and national level, in the form of worship, to record and expulsion, about to flourish. (source: southern metropolis daily SMW network)

Foreign also has a fox spirit

the Confucian culture in east Asia and Siberia can be found in the culture of fox fox spirit beliefs and stories, but the fox said, “tell us, the most prominent is the fox cult of Japan. Rice lotus god is Japanese myth of grain and food, head of harvest. Businessmen to rice also acknowledge god pray for success and wealth. The god form of Buddhism is a female bodhisattva across sitting on a white fox, although the mage insists that the fox is rice acknowledge the great spirit of the spirit world messenger, but god Taoist background of Japanese believers will fox as a general rice lotus itself to worship. Comparative perspective in “fox said” that’s all.

although, from the form and the richness of China’s unique fox spirit worship, but now the core of the fox represents & other People’s sexual desire and struggle to gain control of the endless mirror & throughout; . Included in “liao zhai zhi yi” of the 83 fox is fine story, about 36 fox, is the story of mortal men and women between the romantic love story, and the fox young lady’s beauty and kindness, to 30.

in this sense, there are fox China counterparts in other cultures, such as the European women succubi (Succubus), originated in the medieval legend think they will be coming in the men’s sleep and sex, the general image for the winged caudate voluptuous woman, will absorb the essence of a man. In north American folklore, female incubus rely on smoking mortal man’s sexual energy to build up our strength. Canada’s broadcast paranormal drama “syren fan” is on this basis. Because harry & middot; potter known mei Eva eela (V), and eastern European folk stories, is a kind of to the deformation of female elf. Infatuation with their men will forget all of the world, don’t eat not to drink, do not go to sleep.

American critics winter radleyWinterton (B) that, in the United States today the only I’m afraid to compete with fox spirit is the aliens. Fox spirit and Mars are the undisputed scary, there are some attractive. This two kinds of myths and legends also inevitably appear sexual intercourse, but both don’t have a high education level of the people involved. Fox spirit or possessed a Martian might be a compensation. Didn’t become a Confucian scholar or having a harvard diploma, if you have a widely reported experience, perhaps can increase social standing.

the legend of the martians may also will be in the United States folk wisdom, but a fox spirit want to return to the earth, can only wait for China’s ecological environment recovery until one hundred, and that day may never come.