Revelation “hanyang made” brick: experience in 100 is still better than new brick quality

at no.8 fucheng bricks and tiles plant production of 60 years ago & other; Machine tile & throughout; After 60 years of wind and rain still if brightness is new.

/figure our reporter yong-jun zhang wen correspondent Wu Yongshou

in August this year, hunan changsha 60 aged grain depot for demolition, discovered huge & other local citizens; Hanyang made tiles & throughout; . It found a small, but it inadvertently revealed dusty & other; Hanyang made & throughout; Another glorious history.

yesterday, this newspaper joint hunan xiaoxiang morning post reporter, hunan geographic search hanyang yongfeng street surprised found that China’s first piece of red & other; Machine tile & throughout; Produced in hanyang, local several bricks and tiles plant was once prosperous in one hundred, the product has sold to Shanghai, hunan, henan and so on throughout the country.

in August this year, is located in the hunan changsha kaifu district 5 su shi old granary slated for demolition. Someone pulled off these two barn roof, scattered in the rubble, inadvertently see with a reporter, a large number of bricks are evolving, & other; Hanyang no.8 fucheng mechanism brick & throughout; , & other Huaxing deji brick manufacturing & throughout; .

this discovery, directly confirmed a in changsha has a long history that: in the 1950 s and early 60 s, changsha and a building in hunan provincial party committee, provincial bureau nanyuan red brick house and many other important municipal buildings, using the hanyang made of bricks.

the local construction, experts said, in the early days after foundation of hunan province authorities consider & other; One hundred plan & throughout; , bricks for building high quality requirements, and local brick is short of asks, finally they chose the fame and quality of both & other; Hanyang made tiles & throughout; .

search one hundred & other; No.8 fucheng tiles & throughout; ,

only the last old man

hanyang no.8 fucheng mechanism bricks and tiles plant, was built in 1911, renamed the second bricks and tiles plant in wuhan city after liberation.

Zhao Gutai, located in the han river edge. Here to see the legendary one hundred brick factory, only the ground of workshop, or demolition of a wasteland. Yongfeng street community secretary Liang Xiao said, along the river in 2009, nearly 10 years of brick factory has stopped factory all light, including all the no.8 fucheng, huaxing bricks and tiles plant.

Zhou Ziqing, 89 years old, he is the only surviving century-old factory mound into brick factory worker. In 1937, he said, he when workers into the factory, responsible for unburned brick and tile billet is put in the caves, & other; The tile is the best, we produce by the han river, the Yangtze river waterway sold throughout the country. Changsha grain depot, dated have & lsquo; No.8 fucheng & rsquo; Words of brick and tile, it is produced by our factory. Throughout the &;

history data shows: no.8 fucheng bricks and tiles plant was opened by the German han bei and saks plant, production of brick and tile. Site located in hanyang Zhao Gutai, covers an area of about or mu, the production of brick and tile quality is very high, is the famous products in wuhan. In 1915, will extend to 32 16 door kiln kiln door, red brick amounted to more than 30000 pieces.

& other; Hanyang made tiles & throughout;

after 60 years of wind and rain is still like new

Yi Ren remember Zhao Gutai four communities in yongfeng street no. 130, 74 – year – old old worker is the original union bricks and tiles plant, the plant after liberation and merge into bricks and tiles plant fukang established the second bricks and tiles plant in wuhan city.

in 2009, al bricks and tiles plant relocation, Yi Ren remember to abandoned brick, buy ten thousand piece, & other; These tiles have 60 to 100 years of history, but the quality is still better than new tiles. Throughout the &;

reporter discovery, the tiles with a long history, the colour still if brightness is new, very smooth. Yi Ren said, & other; Old tile no matter how long after, I don’t grow moss, weeds. Throughout the &;

& other; Hanyang made tiles & throughout; Why can sell well all over the country? Yi Ren remember that there are two reasons: one is the unique yellow soil resources, yongfeng street here yellow soil is not only a viscous, and do not contain any impurities, very suitable for making bricks. Second, craft particularly exquisite, before making brick billet, workers need to take to yellow soil for three times on rubbing, like noodles, make tile billet more strong, no pores.