Revelation: lu xun’s hobbies like riddles, practicing martial arts, breeding goldfish


life very cherish the time, but at the same time, he never put on a variety of beneficial culture activity, develop a variety of hobbies and interest as a waste of time. On the contrary, he was able to enrich life, increase knowledge, broaden the horizons, maintenance of body and mind.

the first hobby of lu xun’s seal cutting. He is of engraving is not much, but it has a deep knowledge of the art language. Young age, because his uncle Zhou Qin wait to study seal cutting, narrative, he learned to impress them. In 1899, lu xun in reading, has carved & other; A military scholar & throughout; , & other The article by mistake I & throughout; , & other Xia Jiansheng & throughout; Such as seal. In lu xun’s works, the deposit exuviate recess seal (generation) is the only valuable information of lu xun’s seal cutting is discussed, but also rare in the YinXue theory.

second, lu xun like guessing riddles. As a child, lu xun’s grandmother often teach him riddles, and after 30 years later, he also in the long life lamp, guessing the childhood fun interesting picture. In good humor and lu xun also often & other; Riddle & throughout; Write, topic title, and do his pen name, in his more than one hundred pen name, use & other; Riddle & throughout; Of not a few, such as & other; China take & throughout; Is implicit & other; The Chinese (China) is a big prison (take) & throughout; The meaning of.

in addition to the above two hobbies, lu xun also like kind of flowers and trees very much. Lu xun, a lifetime love flowers and trees. As a teenager, lu xun studied a lot of books about flowers and trees, such as “convex glass”, “LanHui concentric record”, “wide qunfang spectrum” and so on. Middle age, lu xun love lilac and hibiscus. In 1923, lu xun lived in the northwest of three lane a courtyard, just kind of several of the white and purple lilac. In the autumn of 1924, lu xun in the lecture, at a place out of the window there is a white hibiscus blooming bush. In his later years, lu xun settled in Shanghai mainland xincun, 9 also especially on the front yard of oleander, pomegranate, cercis chinensis, such as peach flowers and trees.

lu xun and a hobby is watching operas. He was particularly like shaoxing opera. On one occasion, he also in folk play a volunteer to play a role in the play. To go to xi ‘an in the summer of 1924 he was speaking, he made a special trip to go to the old operas qinqiang opera performances. Life in Shanghai, lu xun in the busy writing, the biggest entertainment is the opera, movies. Not only did he see, and have comments.

martial arts work is also one of lu xun’s hobby. Lu xun study in Japan, the acquisition, to practice judo, such as martial arts, after returning in shaoxing fu school teaching. One night, after a desolate graveyard, suddenly saw a white things were getting in the way before, lu xun to catch up with forward and fly up a foot, straight kick the guy to stumble down, get up quickly after flee ignominiously, turned out to be a spooky grave robbers.

lu xun, as well as a hobby is keeping goldfish. Mountain down once, Mr. Presented goldfish gave him 10, he bought a white goldfish bowl, and Mrs. Xu Guang even on the floor with an interest in sand, water, plant species of green grass, carefully put the goldfish in. Lu xun is very familiar with the life of the goldfish, concerns the moss too close to the cylinder surface water, affect fish take in oxygen to breathe, he often temporarily put aside the hands of the pen, to clear these things carefully. Every time I look at the goldfish in the green grass under the pines, cheerily swim to swim, he emerged serious face exposed a smile.