Revelation “naked mold private film” : don’t pick up group Some models are female students

model thought, for in the dating show if you are the one “in the image of pure feeling to fame, after it was revealed the & other; Explicit pictures & throughout; Events, falling in criticism. And find out later on, she is just the national & other; Nude model throughout the first case & take photos; The tip of the iceberg, and the case of multiple defendants have respectively for organization obscene performances for sin, by the law.

recently, some sites have such secrecy & other; Take photos & throughout; Pictures. On March 21, chengdu media reported that the local police have cracked the first such case in sichuan province, the criminal suspect has been to & other; Organization obscene performances throughout sin &; Initiate a public prosecution. On the edge of the human body art and pornography, nude model shot really shelter evil people and practices? A few days ago, reporters & other; Nude model take photos & throughout; The whole process of interests chain carried on the thorough investigation.

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models are reluctant to pick up group offer private pat more see up

& other; Bare die private throughout industry &; After she floated to ordinary people’s eyes, also because of being exposed to the sun, make the organization the private profit groups gradually disappeared. Is it they are more hidden, or they really quit? According to a detailed understanding of, the reporter found that & other; Nude model take photos & throughout; The organizer, the technique is still released through the network, but ordinary people is hard to find, and taken from shooting to one to one.

involves thought that & other Nude model take photos & throughout; Case, the first is as breach of & other; Throughout our BBS &; Such several web sites. But now & other; Throughout our BBS &; Closed, another once can release & other; Nude model take photos & throughout; The web site of information, such information has ceased to exist. In some place such as post bar, however, still can find a few relevant information & ndash; & ndash; & other; Model agency, interested & throughout; , & other A large number of male and female models provide service, interested photographer details & throughout; .

after many efforts, reporter added four so-called QQ model agency. But after many days, and there are two no response all the time, according to the information on the net, call one of the two mobile phones, but are turned off. Two other so-called model broker told reporters & other; Basic it is 1 to 1 take photos now, model group shoot! Throughout the &; To explain the reason, the other party only words and phrases: & other; Recently not safe. Many inconvenient. Throughout the &;

& other; Model agency & throughout; Said: & other; I here is a lot of models, scale big, there are two. Throughout the &; What is meant by scales? He said clear & ndash; & ndash; Is naked. Then he sent a picture of the two models, the first photograph is strong & other; Small and pure and fresh & throughout; Pictures of style, the second model turned out to be a on camera & other; Screenshot & throughout; , it’s hard to let people believe her & other; Standard & throughout; .

reporter asked how about the price of shooting, the other party said: & other; Model is different, the price is different also, of course, usually 800-1500 yuan per hour. If the first model, charges 1000 yuan an hour. Throughout the &; According to reporter understanding, the price is a lot higher than previous quotation & ndash; & ndash; & other; The first case & throughout; The case shows that when the market price is & ndash; & ndash; A group of four photographer, 300 yuan per person, and can take two hours.

the reporter ask again: & other; Taken for any requirements & ndash; & ndash; Whether you need such as passport, want to sign a confidentiality agreement? Throughout the &; Response: & other; No requirement, bring me the model, the money you pay is OK. You come over, filming locations throughout costs borne by me &; .

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a monthly income of twenty thousand & other; And she played together & throughout;

small beauty (a pseudonym), 20, their hometown in jiangsu province, to Shanghai to learn ballet dropped out two years later, her full-time modelling, sometimes meet & other; Take photos & throughout; To live. Why would when & other; Nude model & throughout; , her answer is simple: & other; For the sake of money. Throughout the &;

& other; I can have more than twenty thousand yuan a month income, can save at least 15000 yuan each month. Youth woman eat rice is not popular these days, not a few money, busk? & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Xiao mei said that she was very busy, & other; Basic in various photos every day, a month can’t more than 3 days to rest. Too tired, morning in the hospital infusion bag or bottle. I took a lot of advertising, but also take some taobao shop advertising & ndash; & ndash; This charge is calculate according to time, have a plenty of calculate by quantity. If it is to do underwear model, the price is 1000 yuan a day. Throughout the &;

& other; Also somebody underwear for my private photo, 3 hours, 500 yuan. Throughout the &; Reporter asked why she doing nude photo, said the little beauty vomitted puffs: & other; Is, of course, is to earn some money, who do this year is not for the money? Throughout the &;

in addition, she acknowledges that, in the shooting process, guests have been put forward & other Special services & throughout; Request, & other; Met before, the guest & lsquo; All hands & rsquo; I put on the clothes left, slam the door & ndash; & ndash; Don’t make the money. The most annoying is often & lsquo; The old man & rsquo; And often like hands, let a person feel uncomfortable. Indeed some models made movies add money are also willing to & lsquo; Do something else & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

a lot of people are surprised, when the human body model, is not afraid of photos were posted online? To this, the little beauty behaved very calm: & other; It won’t. Without I agree, posted online that is breaking the law, the police will catch. Throughout the &; She wanted to think, thinking: & other; But it seems to also do not, he can delete the photos, said not preach, it is difficult to obtain evidence. Throughout the &; Little beauty on said: & other; If it is arranged through brokers are better, in the agent will be responsible for. Throughout the &; Agent, but she said she didn’t she clearly on this issue not seriously considered.

reporter intentionally mentioned & other; Take photos in the former period is not out of the case & throughout; , she immediately JieChaEr said: & other; Thought it & ndash; & ndash; I’ve known her, out to play together. Throughout the &;

small beauty also revealed that you actually have a better than his several years old boyfriend, monthly income, nor against her career in this model: & other; At the end of the year we can surely buy a house, I also plan to open a clothing store & ndash; & ndash; To have a goal. Throughout the &;