Rice dumplings play out hot pot sauce ways in the elderly: not too orientation

when ice cream moon cakes have become the raw material, consumers have used various of moon cakes. This year’s dragon boat food rice dumplings, but also scrambling to want to bring to market an accident & ndash; & ndash; Stuffing a variety not only, still like a hot pot of dipping sauce how to eat. Zongzi this with traditional food culture connotation, more than two thousand years, also began to play & other; Changed kong & throughout; .


like to eat barbecue eat zongzi

dragon-boat festival approaching, the reporter recently in all the stores to see, Chinese chestnut collocation fresh meat dumplings are very popular, while with black rice, yellow rice, barley and other grain as the raw material of green health reed also favored by many consumers. Interestingly, in addition to the red beans, jujube, ham, meat and other traditional regular stuffing, taste and eat dumplings on the market in a year out of the many new tricks. Among them, the company has introduced a dipping sauce to eat water reed, can like to eat barbecue, collocation freely according to the taste of each barbecue sauce, seafood sauce, black pepper sauce and so on all kinds of sauce; This year, the Yangtze river the veteran food enterprises also conducted on rice dumplings product innovation, introduced the zhejiang south milk reed, fermented bean curd as raw material, walk the route of salty; Tuples of tricholoma matsutake, sea cucumber, abalone and other high-end stuffing dumplings, it is easy to let the consumer will be associated these dumplings and moon cakes.


middle-aged and old consumers don’t adapt to

at noon yesterday, near a large supermarket in hongshan square, in the face of a variety of dumplings, consumers Huang Dama carefully check the label of stuffing, constantly & other; Picked up & down throughout; And feeling a bit panicky. & other; In addition to the outside of the reed leaves as before, the inside of the content is multifarious, dumplings now more and more don’t like rice dumplings. Throughout the &; Huang Dama tells a reporter, before the Dragon Boat Festival, is to eat of the triangle rice water rice dumplings, at most dipped in sugar, not so much now & other; Exquisite & throughout; .

press random interviews found that older consumers are mostly choose traditional fillings and how to eat dumplings. While young consumers generally and Huang Dama take the opposite viewpoint. In a fashionable miss song fruit lake 30, storage, carrying three bags of new taste rice dumplings, she said: & other; Dragon Boat Festival every year to experience the new flavors of dumplings, it is a very happy thing. Throughout the &;

【 the 】

don’t throw the traditional appropriate innovation

five fang zhai food trade co., LTD., chairman of wuhan Isaiah cheung, rice dumplings originated in hubei, hunan, has two thousand years of history, has survived throughout the country are divided into three schools: the northern zongzi good sweet, filled with red bean, jujube; Southern zongzi is given priority to with salty, common guangdong zongzi with ham, meat, such as barbecued pork fillings; Hubei zongzi is sui generis, compatible with the style of north and south on both sides. & other; Varieties of fillings, can be regarded as a fusion of the north-south style, as for dumplings and roast duck, hot pot, dumplings, Fried package as dipping sauce to eat, I think it is normal phenomenon under the market economy, enterprise’s subjective desire is good, but consumers can accept is the key. Throughout the &; Isaiah cheung think, dumplings and moon cakes, traditional food are endowed with culture connotation, traditional things cannot lose, on the basis of the traditional things don’t lost, can appropriate innovation.