“Riding dance” is not a bird uncle pioneered in the 1950 s have been popular in China

& other; Awesome music rhythm + original horse type dance & throughout; , let a global phenomenon “jiangnan Style” a few months still hot, the UN secretary-general, ban ki-moon, follow, not only the other day of the New Year’s eve, bird uncle also takes in times square in New York with all people. Is a global phenomenon invincible hand. Enthusiastic reader Wang Zhengquan said recently, however, the jiangnan Style of riding dance not a fresh thing, China has been in vogue in the 50 s and 60 s, is a favorite of the then literary youth. Is this true? At that time is how to dance a ride? At that time China and out of the riding dance which star?

red army chorus “sabre dance”

Social dancing

low performance type:

low popularity time:

50 s and 60 s last century

low classic action: yingwu masculine warrior riding a horse while waving a sabre

Wang Zhengquan was born in 1941, now has more than 70 years old, he riding dance popular for South Korea is very surprised, because in his memory, in the last century, the 50 s and 60 s & other; Riding dance & throughout; Already became the great river north and south of China, and jump over the bird uncle “jiangnan Style much more good-looking. & other; At that time no TV, no cultural and recreational activities. People usually only two kinds of entertainment in daily life: the first is the dubbed film. The second is the literary performance. Sometimes, the Soviet union and eastern European countries such as the arts groups will also come to China. Throughout the &; Among them, the most impressive, let Wang Zhengquan is the Soviet red army chorus “sabre dance”, the place is the great hall of the people in nanjing.

what the origin of the red army art troupe is this?

reporter in 1951 in the journal of the people’s music, find an article he wrote: & other; In 1949 years to my inauguration ceremony of the people’s government of the Soviet union in the delegation, a group of soldiers masculinity, energetic boys, across China show vitality of the red army dance, cause our country people’s cheers everywhere, this is part of the Soviet red army chorus dancer & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

such a song and dance group, at the time of China have much red, it is conceivable that at least is no bird uncle now.

as for the popular reason, besides there are political factors, more because of the story itself is very wonderful. & other; Which year I can’t remember, but I remember more than I’ve ever seen. Before they come, newspapers and news on the radio at the great hall of the people outside will also put up posters. I like very much, always try their best to get tickets. “Sabre dance” is one of my favorite show of all, the dancers wear boots, waving sabre, imitate the action on horseback, sabre is very beautiful, actor is very handsome. Throughout the &; Wang Zhengquan told reporters.

Long Mei, ehlo “prairie hero little sisters”

low performance types: ballet and Peking Opera

low popularity time: since the 1960 s

low representative action: snow night group of horses galloping, and looking for Long Mei and ehlo

believe that most people remember the story “a little sisters grassland hero”. In 1964, the Mongolian girl Long Mei ehlo and snowstorm when brigade sheep, to not make the production team has suffered losses, two people always chasing the flock until fainted in the snow. Because of severe frostbite, two people have different levels of amputation. Their heroism was adapted into a film, animation, and dance. & other; In 1975, Beijing film studio in the classic ballet of China Mr “the prairie children” for the film, there are many classical riding action, very good-looking. Especially after the sisters lost, there is a group, is that people in a snow storm at night looking for Long Mei and ehlo. Throughout the &; Nanjing college of art dance director of the institute, liu, vice President of dancers association of jiangsu province and spring told reporters.

in the grassland hero little sister riding dance has a profound impression and retired last year, in nanjing radio presided over more than 20 years “liyuan inside and outside the” senior opera host Xu Zhaopei.

Xu Zhaopei, earning 1958 nanjing drama institute, after become nanjing Beijing Opera troupe members. Nanjing Beijing Opera troupe has decided to Long Mei and ehlo story adapted into opera, Xu Zhaopei in their dad & ndash; & ndash; Ri-tu wu. Were missing after ri-tu wu worried, and production team of the comrades in the darkness with snow, looking for riding a horse. So, Xu Zhaopei in the play has a very important action on horseback. Beijing Opera in the riding action, ordinary people is difficult to imitate, but this does not prevent the audience love for it. Peking Opera “prairie hero little sisters” performance time is not long, but at the time of the nanjing to harvest a lot of praise.

Jia Zuoguang “wrangler dance”

low performance type: solo

low popularity time: 1947 to present

low representative action: horse riding, wrangler, walk a horse, put your horse, pedlers’, always rides etc.

it is worth mentioning that in China a few decades ago, such a handsome riding dance, not pure import, China also have their own unique riding dance, also very popular. The Soviet union’s riding dance, inspired by burly of Cossack cavalry; While China’s riding dance, inspiration comes from & other; On horseback nation & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The Mongolian. & other; In Mongolian folk dance, men, women and children have almost riding action, not only have a horseback riding, and wrangler, walk a horse, put your horse, on horseback, pedlers’, etc., every action has a particular emotional expression. This with the current popular “jiangnan Style” is different, the jiangnan Style mainly to sing, just with some popular dance movements, with dance sense & lsquo; Riding & rsquo; Or different. Throughout the &; With spring liu told reporters.

with spring liu also said that speaking of the Mongolian horse dance, have to mention a person, that’s & other Oriental dance throughout & god; Jia Zuoguang. Now we can see a set of basic movements of the Mongolian dance, basic it is in writing by Jia Zuoguang of accumulation.

Jia Zuoguang, was born in 1923, the founder of Chinese modern national folk based. At the age of 24 he improvisation “wrangler dance”, once, immediately, the love of the nomads. After Jia Zuoguang also according to the Mongolian cultural life, wrote many famous dance shows, circulating, at home and abroad. Among them, “wrangler dance”, “erdos”, “the waves” won the & other; Throughout the 20th century Chinese classical dance &; The title.

so, this critically acclaimed “wrangler dance” what dance? Unfortunately, due to the long time, could not find the video, but through the posters, you can see that “” wrangler dance” and “jiangnan Style” movement has always and her hands on horseback as, there are both like.

zi-rong Yang “siege”

low performance types: modern opera

low popularity time: 1958 to present

low representative action: on horseback, way, straight in the siege

Xu Zhaopei said, since mentioned riding dance, so in the Peking Opera has a & other; The horse dance & throughout; Have to mention. That is the “siege” Shanghai Peking Opera creation & zi-rong Yang dozen tiger climb in other The horse dance & throughout; , it was a very brilliant and well known action immediately.

Xu Zhaopei mentioned & other; The horse dance & throughout; In game 5 dozen tiger hill, then zi-rong Yang to accept the task, as xu Malaysian bar adjutant Hu Biao, have elbowed, straight in the siege.

before playing characters, prelude of large orchestra, has build the atmosphere that gives a blood boiling, surge of emotion surge. Zi-rong Yang & other; Wear across the beautiful snow QiChongXiaoHan & throughout; Quote & other; Stuffy shade guide & throughout; , but also a synthetic-aperture, bring them to the audience.

followed by people in music and percussion accompaniment, a pistol to his horse, always around, chin, step, and jump fork, hangers, whip, this a series of actions, to amaze! & other; In Beijing Opera performance when riding action is generally no music, percussion, only which is the combination of some drums to beat, but zi-rong Yang this movement is very special, can be said to be in the form of singing and dancing to complete, it will zi-rong Yang heroic performance incisively and vividly. Although the jiangnan Style was also singing and dancing, but on the difficulty of movement and emotional expression is far behind zi-rong Yang this & lsquo; Dance & ma rsquo; . Throughout the &;