Riemann hypothesis is important than goldbach conjecture: in 500, also hard to solve

and fermat conjecture after more than three and a half centuries were solved, goldbach conjecture, compared to after more than two and a half centuries standing Riemann hypothesis is still a far cry from what record only a century and a half, but its importance in mathematics than the two public awareness higher conjecture. Riemann hypothesis is the most important, most looking forward to today’s maths to solve mathematical problems.

Riemann (1826-1866) is one of history’s most imaginative mathematician.


on May 24, 2000, the clay mathematics research of Paris conference convened a mathematics. At the meeting, participants listed seven math problems, and made a sensational quite decision: set up a $one million in bonuses for each problem. From one hundred years ago, in one hundred, as a result of the meeting is in Paris, also is in a meeting of mathematics, a man named Hilbert’s mathematics master also listed a series of mathematical problems in Germany. Those problems a prize of a penny all have no, but has produced profound influence on later development of mathematics. The two far echoed a century mathematics meeting besides are held in Paris, there is a same place, that is the problem in the list, there is one and only one problem is common.

the problem is & other; Riemann hypothesis & throughout; .

Riemann hypothesis, as the name implies, is put forward by a man named Riemann mathematician, the mathematician who was born in 1826 in a belongs to Germany now, the kingdom belongs to Hanover returns the name of the town of lenz. In 1859, Riemann was chosen for the communication of the Berlin academy. As for this high honor returns, he submitted to the Berlin academy of sciences an article called & other; Theory of less than a given value of prime number & throughout; The paper. This paper is only a short span of eight pages is the Riemann hypothesis & other Birthplace & throughout; .

Riemann that thesis is a study by the mathematicians had long been interested in the problem, namely the distribution of prime Numbers. A prime number is like 2, 5, 19, 137, except 1 and themselves cannot be divided exactly by other positive integer. These few in number theory in the study has a great importance, because all positive integer greater than 1 can be represented as their product. In a sense, they are in the position in number theory is similar to the physical world to construct the atoms of all things. Primes the definition of simple can be taught in high schools or even primary school class, but they are secret unusually distribution, mathematicians have done a great effort, but still failed to understand completely.

a major achievement, Riemann paper is to discover the mysteries of prime number distribution entirely contained in a special function & ndash; & ndash; In particular, make the function value is zero, a series of special point of prime number distribution and detailed rules has a decisive influence. The function is called Riemann & zeta; Function, then a series of special points is known as the Riemann & zeta; Function of nontrivial zero (will sometimes referred to as the zero point can be found below).

interestingly, Riemann that article results although significant, the text is very concise, succinct even a bit too much, because it includes many & other; Prove that escapes in & throughout; Place. But the trouble is, & other; Prove that escapes in & throughout; Originally should be used to omit the obvious proof, Riemann’s paper is not the case, his & other; Prove that escapes in & throughout; Place some spent the later mathematicians have decades of efforts to completion, some even until today is still a blank.