Robert radish head Outer welcome foreigners take Chinese name in Chinese

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, & other; Ma Ailei & throughout; How about this name? Give me an idea!

a lot of fashionable young people, have an English name, especially those who work in a foreign company white-collar, are racking their brains to think a nice and easy to remember the English name. In fact, many foreigners also is same, & other; …… & throughout; Like Chinese name.

as China at times in the world is becoming more and more Chinese is becoming more and more popular in foreign countries. Many foreigners have started to learn Chinese. Foreigners to learn Chinese, often the first thing to do is take a Chinese name for yourself.

foreigners take Chinese name, as well as some joke: a Dutch man named Oijevaar Kenzo comes, he please Chinese friends to help him take Chinese name, the results of other people named him & other; Stay up late kids & middot; Eating porridge & throughout; , he also cheerful, maybe this guy likes to stay up late to drink gruel, otherwise also won’t like such a name. Ha ha, also don’t know whether I really have called & other; Stay up late kids & middot; Eating porridge & throughout; The foreigner, and if so, also don’t smile to break the belly.

also heard, there was a Hispanic Roberto took a & other; Radish head & throughout; Their names. Only Spanish people are very robust, it is estimated that what all don’t like “sister jiang” in the & other; Radish head & throughout; .

about the Chinese name for the foreign friends, I am a little experience. A tall young americans, I named him: & other; Hi tiger & throughout; , with my name, my friends said: & other; That won’t do the high expression of younger brother? Throughout the &; , I seem to have a sense of responsibility, in China, I also take care of him, that’s when his younger brother. Then, who wouldn’t put family name with me, so that no trouble.

in the United States, an old American lawyer with China and the Chinese have certain life here on business, he said I’ve always wanted to have a Chinese name, had better be ready, more influential Chinese name, we are a group of Chinese friends said: & other; Lei feng & throughout; , a name that is a household name in China, e.g. He felt very good, sound loud and easy to remember. But after I introduced him to lei feng’s story, he said: & other; Lei feng to do good things don’t hold, not to mention, I work as a lawyer, no charge and no, I still don’t call lei feng forget it, don’t broken lei feng’s name. Throughout the &;

I think it is, then I told him the story of zhuge liang, he feels good, so he decided to his Chinese name is zhuge liang.

Chinese are becoming increasingly important in the lives of many foreigners. Many of the foreigners who is proficient in the Chinese culture will be his Chinese name, some very personalized and read catchy, can use it to call people around you.

such as a Canadian student who give themselves named & other; Add han & throughout; ; A French named myself & other ChengMing & throughout; There actually was (of the name, many Chinese are probably don’t know).

at the beginning of foreigners come to China, for their own Chinese translation has always been quite interested. Take a Chinese name is too trouble, and direct their own English name, Chinese characters is the most simple. Some people with vision is able to launch a & other; Write in Chinese, do Chinese pendant & throughout; The service. It is said that the business is quite hot.