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read e-book reading, from paper to the mobile phone to read even a cloud. As people read the evolution of the way, the service people reading demands of various services arises at the historic moment. Tsinghua university library have automatic learning function of robot & other; Insets & throughout; Is a good example. She has the function of intelligent chat, just like the walle Eva inside. Deputy director of the tsinghua university library ai-rong jiang told reporters: & other; The original picture is designed to replace artificial consulting way, by using artificial intelligence technology automatic reply to the problem of the reader, provide consultation service for 24 hours 7 days, at the same time can be deployed on different platforms. Throughout the &; Insets appearance attracted great interest of netizens, she quickly.

wuhan bioengineering institute library, such as changchun normal college library launched & other Living to read & throughout; Also let a person shine at the moment. & other; Living to read & throughout; Denmark originated in northern Europe. In 2000, Denmark hold for & other themes Understand each other & throughout; Activity, provided 75 true letter for the audience to read. This will & other; Throughout the living &; As a means of library provided to readers lending is rise in China. & other; Living to read & throughout; Will experience the true & other; Book & throughout; In front of you, let you see, touch, can talk, shortens the previous readers and authors in space and in the heart of distant distance, make you really experience the author from silent books audio call.

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the new reading service popular, tsinghua university library curator Xue Fangyu said, insets and & other Living to read & throughout; As the innovation of the reading service, can provide very professional and effective service for the reader, the popular they took it for granted. & other; Living to read & throughout; The same attention by some companies such as lenovo group. Lenovo group between community development center many times to carry out the library project life. Living library of every book & other; Book & throughout; Are invited to, also is a kind of volunteers. Is responsible for all the living library project said: & other; Read this form is very good, has the reference significance, can make young people understand the diversity of life. Throughout the &; This flexible and vivid way of reading in today’s & other; Reading the highway & throughout; Patrolling on forward, actively pushing to change the way of reading, let zero distance reading to improve people’s lives and the future.

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& other; Living to read & throughout; Will people’s reading style into a new development space, to the development of reading and reading quality ascension opened a new way. Director of the expert committee on teacher education informatization education, Beijing normal university department of hogg resistance to an interview with the financial times: professor & other; About & lsquo; Living to read & rsquo; , I think, as a way of reading, it has its own characteristics, and is suitable for learners have certain professional basis; For normal college students and high school students, if the & lsquo; Living to read & rsquo; As a kind of auxiliary, the regular way of reading also is pretty good. Throughout the &; For & other; Living to read & throughout; Future development in the future, professor he pointed out that individual special excellent, professional foundation has a solid senior college students can put & other Living to read & throughout; As a kind of routine, and the main way of reading.

& other; Introduction of artificial intelligence in the reference service, large photo library online consulting service of an entirely new way. Throughout the &; Ai-rong jiang said in reference to the future development of picture value, & other; Insets in consulting services (including library online consulting service, all consulting services) advanced concept, for reference by many large enterprises, to promote the development of artificial intelligence q&a robot & throughout; . At present, changchun normal college library & other; Reality library & throughout; Reading have formed stable cycle, relying on school teacher resources, have high academic level and picked up the life experience of more than 40 people, the construction of reality book catalog, and on this basis, according to the readers’ reading needs, regularly or irregularly reality library activities. Wuhan biological engineering college librarian Xu Yaocai said, in a sense, reading is reading the thought of people, reading a person of wisdom, is the mind dialogue between the reader and the author. Reading a person is reading a book walk continuously updated, & other; Living to read & throughout; Will book the meaning of the blend together well with people, on the one hand, expand the connotation of reading, on the other hand make reading in eliminating the information gap between people at the same time, also increased the reduce the interpersonal function of prejudices, and promote social harmony. IfengLogo (Zhang Dongni)