Roca li yong bai yansong Popular figure jie host “resign” truth

exposure roca for morphy leave jiangsu TV insider revealed presenters have quit the truth

exposure roca for morphy leave jiangsu TV insider revealed presenters have quit the truth most popular

shenzhen satellite TV talk show large interpersonal interaction night and ask, “will be held tonight, a prime-time slots every Thursday evening if meet with the audiences. Red, yellow, blue, green at will through the four color, perspective people inner character color, use their research results on the personality theory of colour for many years, the leading three on-site guests and one hundred live audience to discuss social hotspot and life problem, open a new interpersonal interactive interview program.

at low head ready to debut, ignore the rumors

on March 4, the beginning of the night and ask, “at a press conference, roca when talking about his new show will be started confidently said: & other; I don’t want to be a pure entertainment show, I think we have to think and harvest, such as you break up with her boyfriend because small three, you watching the show you know how to make a boyfriend back. Throughout the &;

at ease if you are the one “cuhk scene stealing, leave the jiangsu TV rumors have been a concern, for roca social status, family situation and other private guess more out of the problem. As the new show press conference held, roca & other; Dissatisfaction with the shenzhen satellite TV services & throughout; , & other Doubt and throughout jiangsu TV & break up; , all sorts of rumors set immediately. For these, in addition to & other; Partner shao-gang zhang painful & throughout; Said the dismissed, roca has always maintained a attitude to comment, but said he realized the dream, in the night and ask, “find their own value, and early on twitter, said & other; I waited for years, never give up my dream & ndash; & ndash; Do a really can make people by understanding personality to understand ourselves and others show & throughout; .

“night q & ndash; No template interpersonal interactive interview

shenzhen satellite TV program director Yi Hua when it comes to program creation course said: & other; & lsquo; The way of get along with & rsquo; As a big proposition, abstruse, obscure. As one of the original program, this also is programme production team need to think about problems. The motivation behind the people get along,, hidden is personality differences. Show the key lies in analytical relationships at the same time, also highlight the differences between people’s character and behavior. Program development process from many experts and scholars to help and promote psychology, common looking for presentation of amplification, which is from life, from the microscopic point of life topic, real cases, social hot spots, through the multiple ways to display, let the audience tastes in other people’s stories the virtues and vanities of their work, from deep inside a chord.

it is reported in this excelsior production request, the night to ask creation has experienced a long process. Because there is no mature template can draw lessons from, you can only rely on actual operation to test result, not only with him at night to a meeting to discuss, under more willing to suppress scissors, determined to give up even a few period recorded program, only to leave the most wonderful content.

from the trailer is exposure of the first edition and section view, roca nature appears to have been a great release, dancing, and kneeling, hid, gay love embrace, really muster all his strength starting in performance. The three guests is burst into laughter and tears, the one hundred people argue is red. Everything will be uncovered the mysterious veil tonight.