Roman empire women jewelry fashion style: bracelets snake print (FIG.)

Roman empire exhibition of cultural relics

in the prosperous period of Roman empire, the Romans dress more and more exquisite and artistic quality. At that time what Rome upper-class people use cosmetics, wear jewelry? Yesterday, hubei museum “the glorious age & ndash; & ndash; Roman empire exhibition of cultural relics” officially, 300 pieces of rare cultural relics of the period of the Roman empire, with the audience & other; Through & throughout; Back to two thousand years ago in the Roman empire.

antique jewelry style is very trendy

end with the snake prints, have strong Greek flavor bracelet; With 37 & other; 8 & throughout; Form of double ring clasp, with rotavirus gold necklace pendant; Intermediate for jade, decorated with eight small head alternately in the exquisite brooch on both sides of the eight radiation & hellip; & hellip; The audience in the exhibition hall visit, after the storefront, almost always stopped close to viewing, these today still think trendy jewelry style, showing the economic prosperity of ancient Rome and exquisite workmanship.

according to introducing, the women wear expensive gold of the Roman empire, men and women use perfume, cosmetics. High society women use powdery cake, rouge, eye shadow and eyeliner. Used oil, perfume and cosmetics are usually made by slaves, their perfume extracted from plants, mix liquid, and olive oil, deposited in the marble, glass or ceramic containers.

in addition to the fine jewelry, also very exquisite articles for use that wash bath. In & other; Roman baths & throughout; Exhibition, with copper, copper scraping skin plate, piriform glass oil bottle, etc. We have learned, archaeological discovery of the ruins of the Roman baths in the entire empire, in addition to the bath area, also equipped with garden, the outdoor swimming pool, fitness equipment, massage room, drawing room, dining room and a reading area of the library.

the founding emperor of the Roman empire stone’s most precious

9 emperors and put in the exhibition hall corner stone in a row, is the most precious exhibits in the exhibition, including the Roman empire first emperor augustus stone. The statue on the forehead, there is a circular opening, it is said that originally should be above the set with a faceted gemstone or engraved with embossment of shells. This is the only known as portrayed augustus wear a head-dress round statue.

the exhibition 300 exhibits include figurines, COINS, pottery, glass ware, bronze ware, jewellery and so on several major categories, such as managing according to province, deputy curator of the full text introduces, this takes about 20 days, the exhibition on the layout of the elaborate design, is more than just a cultural relic, hope the audience see a vivid picture of ancient Roman life scenes.