Russian ballet artists were spilt acid suspected related to dance company internal struggle (FIG.)

splashed acid attacks against Russian theater ballet art director sergei & middot; Film (middle) had to meet with prime minister dmitry medvedev couple.

after the attack, film face and eye third-degree burns, face the danger of blindness.

Russia said the doctor, the grand theatre ballet art director sergei & middot; Film was admitted to hospital after acid treatment, 19, stable condition.

investigators still did not identify suspects. The grand theatre ballet anatoly, general manager & middot; The Texas’s thought, film and its work is directly related to the injury.

face and eye third-degree burns

the interfax news agency quoted the capital Moscow & other; 36 clinics throughout the &; The doctor Alexander & middot; M ji jin reports, film in stable condition, move out of the intensive care unit, cure to the common ward.

film on the 18th hospital, accept emergency surgery, in order to avoid acid to the blind.

film eyes a few days in the future will still be wrapped a bandage. Now is not clear how much he can restore vision. Doctors believe that film also need to see at least a week, in order to determine the visual acuity.

17 night, film in Moscow to participate in a public activities after home, by a masked pour acid, face and eye third-degree burns, face the danger of blindness.

in addition to eye surgery, the film will also be further treated for a facial burns, including cosmetic surgery.

grand theater, a spokesman for the ballet cajal lina & middot; Vico Eva television reporter interview, previously considered transfer film burns hospital near to Brussels, Belgium, but the plan later. Medical researchers believe that eye injury should be treated preferentially.

, general manager of grand theatre ballet anatoly & middot; The Texas’s went to the hospital to visit the film.

he told reporters that investigators & other; Workers and artists are questioning ballet & throughout; . As far as possible the murderer, only investigators can be identified.

the Russian media reports, deputy prime minister Olga & middot; Film case is GeLuoJie who led the investigation.

investigators did not identify the suspect, nor will attack motive. Injuries film acid name is not open.

a Moscow police spokesman told reporters, the interfax news agency investigators questioned film in the hospital.

(Chen Lixi)

colleagues did it?

film friends guess, acid event may be associated with grand theatre ballet internal strife.

Russian television channel 19 news, film of the attack, members of the grand theatre ballet with suspicion, but don’t want to told the media.

film served as artistic director in 2011, set out to reform, add modern elements for traditional theatre, but controversial. Some people recently signed a petition President vladimir & middot; Mr Putin, calls to replace film.

he said, after acid is the threat and hatred to film the last straw. Intimidation, even months, film by including the tire and telephone threats.

in addition to the Philippines reunite, gogol Moscow theatre art director kirill & middot; Xie columns cloth even who suffered physical threats.

film in the aftermath of the attacks, xie cloth even nico, on social networking site issued his New Year’s eve 2013 received threatening text messages, and other If you don’t leave gogol theater, you are the next one. You’ll be beaten real, wait and see. Throughout the &;

(Chen Lixi)

according to report of xinhua news agency