Russian oil painting masters and Chinese artists one see clock emotion “” (FIG.)

blade row meyer's couple talking to journalists. In addition to send pictures provided by shuang-jie li

leaf meyer’s couple talking to journalists. In addition to send Images are provided by shuang-jie li

blade row meyer's for journalists present painting signature. In addition to send Images are provided by shuang-jie li

leaf column meyer, presented a painting signature for journalists. In addition to send pictures provided by shuang-jie li

white night season one afternoon, a color ink spilled in st Petersburg Finland bay incense studio, the author interviews with the owner & ndash; & ndash; Russian national fine arts academy of sciences, people’s artist, twelve years as dean of repin academy of fine arts of oleg & middot; Al JiYe veach & middot; Blade row Mr Meyer.

a brochure & ndash; & ndash; The starting point for a history

in the 1990 s, repin academy of fine arts, for the first book printing brochures. This by the tianjin people’s publishing house published the book volume, and, more importantly, the album words is Chinese.

leaf column meyer, recalls, he worked as a repin academy dean nine times visited China. For the first time in 1991 to the international. In the interview, he and tianjin people’s publishing house, director of the common & other; Collision & throughout; The publishing repin academy of color picture album of ideas.

& other; Speak of the first book of repin academy of color picture album, there is a episode about copyright & throughout; . Blade row meyer said with great interest. In order to publish this album, tianjin people’s publishing house hold people to repin academy of fine pictures at the scene. When Chinese photographer friends ask the hospital copyright issues, the then director of the column meyer, happily say: & other; So, our academy will charge you $500 in royalties, such answer can? Ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

repin academy of fine arts of the first color picture book is published in China, and it is in Chinese! The album is probably a cut-off point of history. Thus, the two countries of cultural exchange and cooperation has entered a new historical stage.

& other; It was love at first sight & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Two witness the friendship

& other; My first visit to China, my first Chinese is to practise what the then President of academy of fine arts, we can say is the start. No, it should be said that it was love at first sight! Our friendship from the first time meet, to his death, never. Throughout the &; Blade row meyer’s soulful recalls.

leaf, meyer said his Chinese friend a lot. Famous Chinese paintings XiaoFeng, rocks, famous Chinese American critic Wang Zhong, LvE painter Shi Lun is his vast amounts.

a month ago, the Chinese fine arts famous critic Mr Wang Zhong had to st Petersburg visited leaf meyer. Two old friends about political economy, culture and art, affection friendship and topics of conversation, and sometimes penetrating sharp, and sometimes mildly humorous, artful, lasting appeal is boundless. Goodbye, two old friends for a long time hug, to separate. The author made a deep impression.

about friendship, stay out of an old friend of the Chinese artists maxi here. Constantine & middot; M method JiYe veach & middot; Maxi merv is a prominent painter in the former Soviet union, in the mid – 1950 by the Chinese fine arts, was once China painter wu zuoren called & other; China fine arts throughout Bethune &; . Associated with him, he is called a & other; Maxi merv painting workshop & throughout; The history of the product, or & other; Ma Xun class & throughout; . In this class, JinShangYi, ZhanJianJun, Feng Fasi, Hou Yimin, kong-de he generation backbone of Chinese modern oil painting creation.

leaf, meyer said he and maxi is he had been friends for years, they have together many times to explore the problem such as oil painting, the friendship between China and Russia. , of course, there have been at odds. As the days went past, now that I think about it, that the art of a few decades ago opinion collision today have become so sweet & hellip; & hellip;

a graduation & ndash; & ndash; The epitome of generation tianjiao

leaf column meyer graduated from repin academy of fine arts in 1957. He graduated from oil painting “Lenin” appeared, and thus a blockbuster.

“Lenin” shows the picture, can say is the picture of the Soviet union the historical era and reproduce. On many characters, all vivid. This work also deeply the Chinese fine arts, become influence model for the art of painters several generations in China.

leaf column meyer, recalled, he visited China 9 times, of which an accidental meeting let him will never be forgotten. Hotel in Beijing, a stranger, visiting newcomers carefully took out a piece of folded yellowing paper out. It turns out that this is a blade row meyer’s graduation works “Lenin” print, the izvestia newspaper published by Russia in 1958. And said, this is he in & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; During the preserved at great risk, his dream is to be able to see the author of Lenin, someday, and let this piece of printed matter to get the signature of the author. Three decades later, he finally realized his dream! Story at this point, the blade row meyer’s eyes flashed tears & hellip; & hellip;

a observe & ndash; & ndash; Lead to generation of classic

about the performance of the oil painting subject matter and artistic technique, leaf meyer said: & other; I believe in the realistic subject and realistic painting technique of expression, I will bring this idea into the grave! Throughout the &;

in addition to the serious, strong political work “Lenin” and “Lenin and golgi”, “the winner” (working on the large painting), real life subject matter works in blade row meyer’s studio is everywhere. There are vast fields, dense forests, Stoic flowers, vast plains, quiet manor, horse, wanxian boat & hellip; & hellip; They reproduce and sublimate the reality of truth and beauty, solidification and enlarge the life of love and affection. In blade row meyer’s hand, the pieces of paint has become so plentiful, spirituality, extremely rich wallop and expressiveness, their combined impact people’s vision, washing people’s hearts.

in the artistic technique of expression, leaf, meyer said he always stick to the sketch. Sketch, need painters solid basic skills, it is by no means that since the label & other Modern & throughout; & other; Spluttered pa & throughout; A few brushes of frivolous can replace and impetuous, the real painting art, are not eager for. Classic should have the polishing of time, it is a commitment to life, so we will deduce forever remain the myth.

Russia realism oil painting treasures, and the world lives in a wonderful work. Today people understanding of its artistic value and commercial value is not in place. Recently, in the United States, at an auction of repin a picture called “the Paris cafe” oil painting, although the picture size is not big, clinch a deal with the price of $1.5 million. & other; Everyone think the price is expensive. But I think that today’s international art market is far from failing to realize the true value of Russia’s excellent painting. The history of the future will be another situation & throughout; . This year nearly JiuXun confidently predicted the giants of Russian art.