Russia’s “spider-man” unarmed climbed 240 meters tower Moscow university (FIG.)

brightly lit Moscow university are reflected in the water

a few climbers in the absence of any protective measures up to 240 meters high tower of Moscow university

Beijing, July 22 (Reuters), according to foreign media reports in recent days, several Russian man in the absence of any protection measures unarmed climbed up the tallest building in Russia & ndash; & ndash; University in Moscow, 240 meters high tower, and took on a series of dazzling city scenery.

the Moscow state university was built after the second world war, as Moscow seven tower building one of the most spectacular one. Until 1990, it has been Europe’s tallest building, the tower of the pentagram is the only three stories high. Standing on the top of the tower overlooking the whole city.

however, that several of the climber and not among the first to arrive on the top, they found on the writing of others, including the earliest carved in 1952.

one of the climbers said, at present only the Russian foreign ministry seven tower tower has not been conquered, they are hope to be able to climb up and take photos.