“Said 80 – year – old was born in shanxi changzhi bodies had measure the dowager empress dowager cixi

eighty – year – old wenbo researcher in good pu self-raised funds, with the exhibition. He also believes that in six kinds of views of her birthplace, & other; Shanxi said & throughout; But now, the most complete evidence, empress dowager cixi of the evaluation is unfair. Yesterday, & other; People said the dowager & throughout; Exhibition in hebei qing dongling, carry out, for the tourists.

ever measured the dowager body

in the good pu assigned to work in the museum in 1955, from donlan, shen congwen. In 1979, he was transferred to clear dongling, participated in the dowager open coffin, inspection, measurement with the body of the empress dowager cixi. Published a “qing dongling, grand view”, “the emperor’s consort zhen” “qianlong dowager ling burglaries truth” works, such as at the end of may, 1983, deng xiaoping, peng zhen, Yang shangkun, etc to visit qing dongling, in the good pu have them with a switch to test the dowager body.

in the good pu said, & other; People said the dowager & throughout; Exhibition purposes, is to introduce the dowager objective truth life, deepen the present to & other; When the woman & throughout; The understanding of the empress dowager cixi. Exhibits collected about the empress dowager cixi portraits, photos, empress dowager cixi palace life, the old Summer Palace landscape, empress dowager cixi, the empress dowager cixi big funeral ling stolen truth, NaGuan placed the relics, such as cleaning, exhibition objects are: ShouLing through, official seal, dingling burglaries relics, ShouLing family life supplies, and li film “strings” at the time of the original script, and a lot of books about the empress dowager cixi mixed and so on.

in the good pu, said this year published by the British, but think of the novel “the queen mother with me,” the sun dianying theft after the empress dowager cixi and emperor qianlong’s tomb, the empress dowager cixi body description is not accurate, because he had to participate in the dowager’s open coffin, inspection, measurement with the body of the empress dowager cixi. & other; Important events in the book, however, time, place, and the geographical location in the imperial palace, one to one correspondence. For the life of the society at that time in the book, is also very fresh, not people can write later. Throughout the &;

tend to her birthplace of shanxi changzhi

in regard to her birthplace, the good pu said, “there is a six, namely & other; Anhui wuhu said & throughout; & other; Inner Mongolia suiyuan said & throughout; (Hohhot), & other; Gansu lanzhou said & throughout; , & other; Zhejiang zhapu said & throughout; , the traditional official & other; Beijing says & throughout; And & other Shanxi changzhi said & throughout; . Among them, & other; Shanxi changzhi said & throughout; The most complete evidence.

hold shanxi changzhi said liu qi, published last year book real empress dowager cixi. The book says, empress dowager cixi were han Chinese, born in 1835 in changzhi county go a poor village wang han farmers in the home, xianfeng three years with Ye He that pull HuiZheng female identity into the palace, step by step become queen. Photograph echo with plenty of material evidence, oral, physical objects and documents, all kinds of evidence, a total of up to 38 items.

pu thought of be apt to, in six kinds of view, to & other; Beijing says & throughout; And & other Shanxi changzhi said & throughout; More credible, from the evidence, their tendency to shanxi changzhi. Lecture room speaker, illustrate the expert Yan Chong years said, & other; Personally, I tend to & lsquo; Beijing says & rsquo; , of course, there is debate is normal situation. Throughout the &;

in the good pu thought, empress dowager cixi into a very strong, some unequal treaties signed, this is caused by historical stage, one person, can not blame in cixi, this is unfair. & other; The qing dynasty is taboo in Chinese ministers grasp the military in the past, but she brought zeng guofan, zuo zongtang and li hongzhang and zhang zhidong, regime for 48 years in her hand, is very not easy. Throughout the &;