Said TongJian is success or failure Shang Yang is a easy to the injured man

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shang (figure)

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shang Yang reform to the public, especially in the countries south gate set up a pillar, if who moved to the north gate, reward 50 gold, which enables reform to implement.

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in the era of the law of the jungle, history is often under the conditions of unbalanced development, the rise of a country, often based on another group of countries weakened. The rise of the qin dynasty, especially the rise of the shang era, is based on who undermine?

is based on weakening the wei

the paradox is that in the state of wei shang administrative experience is most likely to get. But shang Yang reform, hurt the deepest is wei.

wei shang why injured? The deepest, because the original damage shang wei.

we analyze analysis from the psychological level.

origin: wei cold violence hurt talent shang

when shang also called sun martingale, a poor boy he is patriotic. Wei is rich in talents, talents are ran outside, shang Yang ran wei. Doing ok, when the kingdom of wei “xianggong” uncle’s retinue officer. This is a period of the internship, shang Yang in chief executive coat-tails to run every day, following processing a variety of internal and external administrative affairs, a day to in progress, and his contemporary frustration.just essence is carve out one day. Male uncle see in the eye, in mind. He is a kingdom of love, may work on a dining table, or in the midday rest for a while, a male uncle very sincerely said: & other; The martingale, you did a good job, very talented, I will recommend you. Throughout the &;