Sanmenxia dowager empress palace remaining ruins Overhaul for meal (FIG.)

righteousness Ma Cixi palace, now only ruins left.

& other; Back to the process & middot; Huanglong’s passenger & throughout; Series of

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on October 6, 1901, she set out from, east go all the way. On October 12, see a pass, the top write & other Tongguan & throughout; The word. The tongguan, enter the spi, and in henan province.

size of henan officials are on the border to meet two palace LuanJia early on, cheering nature is & other; Throughout the day &; , & other The queen mother auspicious & throughout; The language of the ass. However, there is a small episode, the henan four product qing bit tender Lv Yonghui letter they wished, request the emperor queen and considered moving in luoyang.

Lv Yonghui is who? I checked information, the size is a celebrity, when the city always the magistrate of a county of henan province, the city always various attractions is said to be bound, at that time the young to throw, penned eight poem, a poem, one scene, called the & other Too QiuBa scene throughout the &; , leave a much-told story for local, make the city always & other; Too QiuBa scene throughout the &; A reputation.

the scholar has moved the capital to work, that they wished up, accompanying officials & other; All eyes smile throughout the &; .

in the official & other; Mu smile & throughout; Lv Yonghui, not because Lv Yonghui have, wang yan, but the mindset of a n experienced person look at later time.

move to say, actually not Lv Yonghui from the beginning. Before and after the two opium wars, court officials will play on request moved the capital to avoid & other; The sea of the foreigners’ & throughout; . In the reform, but also put forward to guangxu modeled on the Russian Peter the great, & other; Move to set the world throughout the &; . Change of boxer, empress dowager cixi fled, taiyuan, xi ‘an around officials moved the capital there have been calls, Lv Yonghui the throne just caught & other; Moved the capital theory & throughout; A small tail.

why do you want to move to? The reason is very simple, from the opium war to the g8 coalition invasion, the central government, notting have is not from the threat of sea for have a sea without proof of the qing dynasty, Beijing as the capital, highly vulnerable to a threat.

as for moving to where? You suggestion is multifarious, some say xi ‘an, luoyang, some said, some say wuhan, more said moved to chengdu. In fact, it is suggested that moving to the scholars of the scholar of the ancient city of mostly never been to these places, desire, basic it is DaZui cannon.

of course, against the move to have returned at that time, and reason for the opposition has a: & other; Long lost king. Throughout the &;

in xi ‘an, luoyang is not suitable for the capital, why long lost king?

history scholars, CCTV “songshan secret writer Mr Yang believes that & other; Long lost king & throughout; Just a the ancients conceptualization. After the northern song dynasty, the south of China’s economy, the traditional sanhe (Hanoi, henan, hedong, roughly) in henan, shanxi, shaanxi region economy prosperous, the capital of China began to get rid of the Yellow River line layout, line layout is adjusted for Beijing hangzhou, nanjing, hangzhou, Beijing, kaifeng). Waterway transportation can offer powerful supplies for capital support, especially the steamship introduced into China. & other; Storage and etiquette, xi ‘an, luoyang two Beijing lost the support of the prosperous economy, nature is king is not enough. Throughout the &; Mr Yang said.

in fact, those who advocate in the qing dynasty moved the capital of xian desire scholar-bureaucrat in Beijing & other; Led by according to the history, it’s the breeze & throughout; After, but follow the dowager run to xi ‘an, & other Mostly through the land, feel lost king, not after a former discussion & throughout; No one, as to luoyang, is raised.

so, government ministers to Lv Yonghui evaluation is & other; Scholar MuLun, so mostly, lu also endure also & throughout; .