Sarkozy’s public speech compared breastfeeding to slavery was hooted male chauvinism

report from our correspondent French President nicolas sarkozy, the speech provoked outrage in a public speech in breastfeeding compared to & other; Slavery throughout the &; Father, saying that breastfeeding easier.

it is understood that Mr Sarkozy is a newborn daughter Carla Bruni fed to comment. He also said that mother fed children are actually in the middle of the night let & other A man free & throughout; . Sarkozy said: & other; Carla (Bruni) now feeding the baby milk. I think this is good, because milk can let children immunity is higher. But for women, it is both joy and slavery. Of course, that make men don’t have to struggle to climb up in the middle of the night to breastfeeding, because don’t need milk bottle. Throughout the &;

Mr Sarkozy said: & other; But she (Bruni) are worrying about milk was not enough. Throughout the &;

comments immediately cause the French media. Writes the magazine star turns & other; Mr Sarkozy’s big of his personal life may be in order to draw votes, but his remarks everywhere smell of male chauvinism. Throughout the &; Promoting breastfeeding groups agreed that Mr Sarkozy’s speech & other; Doesn’t really convince the necessity of breast milk, his attitude has been obsolete, really let a female depression & throughout; . & other; Sarkozy looking at Carla Bruni hard nursing not only actively support and help my mother, but the feeling of schadenfreude, this let a person feel very disappointed. Throughout the &;