“Save” and “protection” should pay equal attention to both

& ndash; & ndash; Read the intangible cultural heritage of the People’s Republic of China law “

since non-material cultural heritage protection work in China, the focus has been & other; Protect & throughout; Make an issue of the word. Official and academic circles have put forward some protection concepts, such as integrity protection, the original true or the true protection, etc. In the act of the intangible cultural heritage of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the “intangible act”) before any formal discussion stage, the name is the “intangible cultural heritage protection law”. Later in the review process, to get & other; Protect & throughout; The word, to the intangible cultural heritage of the People’s Republic of China law this name. Don’t see the future of just two words, has led to the content and purpose of the law has changed.

specified in article 3 of the “general”, & other; State of non-material cultural heritage take cognizance, records, documentation and other measures to save, to embody the Chinese nation outstanding traditional culture, history, literature, art, science value of the intangible cultural heritage shall be protected inheritance, transmission and other measures. Throughout the &; The “intangible act” & other; Save & throughout; And & other Protect & throughout; Tied in a, treated as the national non-material cultural heritage of the two policies.

no matter as a government plan, or as an actual work, & other; Protect & throughout; For us, is already known, but the & other; Save & throughout; Also included in the “intangible act”, its theoretical guiding significance and practical significance, is not negligible. Generally said, in our country KouChuanXinShou as the inheritance and transmission way as its basic characteristics of intangible cultural heritage, is a production, development and prosperity in the farming civilization, including the original acquisition and nomadic civilization) under the condition of spiritual and cultural products, their world view, in terms of society, the personnel view, ethics and so on, is with the low cognitive level, the level of productivity development, and self-sufficiency production mode and adapt to the social ethical family. Civilization development, today, the social progress, people’s cognitive level raised, non-material cultural heritage inevitable overall decline, parts of the demise of the trend, it is a self-evident law of cultural development. Of today’s China is an era of globalization, modernization and urbanization, the rapid social transformation and the profound social changes, including living environment, the humanities environment and the great change to the strength of the impact of the intangible cultural heritage is unprecedented, under the overall trend of decline of intangible, part only in oral for survival way and not based on material items, such as oral literature, traditional playlet, traditional folk arts, has been growing out of the needs of People’s Daily life, on the verge of dilemma even be decimated. The attenuation trend, which has been proved by the actual development situation.

treat these creation and generation for groups, is now a inheritance dilemma and fragile life oral class non-matter cultural heritage, with & other; Ecologic protection & throughout; Or & other Integrity protection & throughout; Rescue measures and patterns are difficult to achieve expected effect of protection, we must lose no time in the record, audio and video, digital and other means to record down, to be published (paper books, e-books, audio and video products, digital database), archive (in archives and museum), for a wider range of readers, appreciation, reference, dissemination and research, to make their artwork, for future generations. Back 15 years ago, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization expert committee, the former head of government, the late Finland scholars Laurie & middot; Towing ke, living in our country and to conduct academic exchanges, common to the guangxi sanjiang when making the field investigation, he has sought to introduce will now also & other; Live & throughout; On public oral folk literature, book form, with its & other Second life & throughout; For more readers to read and spread. In fact, in the history of many excellent, popular works of folk literature, is no longer the people circulated orally today, but we can read it in books and documents, can according to these records to understand past history and the social features of the era, and also can from these works of art enjoyment and aesthetic edification. This is & other; Record keeping & throughout; The cultural effect. According to the regulation of “intangible act”, to carry on & other intangible cultural heritage Save & throughout; It is the responsibility of the department in charge of national culture, and to achieve & other; Save & throughout; , will depend on the state of intangible cultural heritage and other Identify, record and document & throughout; These measures.

from the past, to establish a national, provincial, municipal, district of heritage, but in & other; Recognized throughout the &; On the basis of the results obtained, despite the & other; To reiterate, light protection & throughout; Phenomenon, but overall still healthy. But for & other; Record & throughout; And & other By inputting & throughout; Both the content and the request, it seems to be a lack of clear rules. In the list of declaration and the national census, the folk literature in accordance with the requirements for comprehensive, scientific, representative earnestly to gather records, and edited it, really is not much in the country. And traditional drama, such as traditional folk arts, and sort of quyi emphasizes the different types of protection, and ignore the singing text & other Record & throughout; And the performance of this & other; Throughout the video &; , so why do the intangible law & regulations in other Record & throughout; Requirements? Even if some substances as the backing of traditional craftsmanship class project, also the craft process in words and images should be recorded. At present, we can see books on intangible, but mostly is something needs to comprehensive description, and the lack of specific projects to faithfully record books of literature. Only a few related physical presence in the museum, without exhaustive literature recording book, little & other; Save & throughout; There are? As for & other; By inputting & throughout; A, for some of the local government and protect the main body, majority is declared a success even if you’re done, on the shelf. As for the archives should be responsible for the preservation and protection of national culture cultural centers, archives and museums, etc., each is laden with responsibility for what? Today also is not clear, not to mention the responsibility and accountability.

(the author is the national intangible cultural heritage protection work of the expert committee)