Save changchun girl “high fidelity museum building” generations “love”

after a breakup, those once considered a treasure of love tokens is always an awkward situation, leave the sad, do not give up. Now in changchun, jilin, the bearing sweet and heartbreaking items at the same time will be able to be properly placed, a free hosting & other; Love remains & throughout; The & other; Lovelorn museum & throughout; Appeared.

on March 18, the reporter comes to a coffee shop is located in changchun city road & within the other; Lovelorn museum & throughout; . Pushed open the door, without any decoration green gray stucco, several sets of pure wooden tables and chairs. The door head on the wall, hanging loosely some objects, nail next to a small note, write to lover’s words to different people.

a university in changchun, a sophomore king is sweetest and her two friends this & other Lovelorn museum & throughout; Master. King sweet, her first love to stay for more than a year, there are sweet during, also have a quarrel. But in October 2011, after a quarrel, the two eventually broke up. Later she felt regret for their reckless, but it is too late.

& other; There are many things that love is not willing to throw, watching also very sad. Throughout the &; The king said, sweet.

in January 2012, the & other; Love & throughout; Have a feeling of sweet wang decided to open a & other; Lovelorn museum & throughout; For the lovelorn people free to save those who are reluctant to discard and nowhere save & other Love remains & throughout; .

king sweet, & other; Lovelorn museum & throughout; Opening date, has nearly 20 friends sent their lovelorn memory objects. , reporter saw these things, in addition to the common necklace, dolls, letters and even a rubik’s cube, train tickets, chess and card, etc., are varied.

the store on the wall of the book with a notebook, write full & other; I love you & throughout; , thousands of times. Sweet king said, “this is a boy to girl courtship wrote, but then broke up, girl is not willing to lose will send book there.

sweet wang tells a reporter, to check items is three to the university at this age, boys and girls, send items when boys tend to be relatively calm, girl is somewhat excited, & other; Two days before a girl, she particularly red rim of the eye, she sent the ring, is especially don’t give up. Throughout the &;

& other; They can have time to come here to sit, look at these items. Even if thoroughly get rid of the two compound, can they check the goods will be taken back. Throughout the &; King sweet said, & other; Lovelorn museum & throughout; Behind every object in the on behalf of the memory of the lovers, the & other; Lovelorn museum & throughout; Will continue to be free to open, also hope to check item out of the haze that love as soon as possible, to meet the new life. The