Scenic spot ticket prices rose “tobias strategy” is: most dangerous train line

the May Day holiday just past, & other; Tobias strategy & throughout; Frequent network, content is multifarious, including risks, some paths through the cliffs, even to risk his life. Adventure & other; Tobias strategy & throughout; The retrofit, almost throughout the country each big scenic spot. A lot of ticket evader in & other; Be compelled helpless & throughout; Under the guise of, said & other; Scenic spot ticket prices too expensive & throughout; To a different approach.

the domestic numerous scenic spot ticket prices continue to rise, the dining, the lodgings also a lift price, related services are difficult to catch up with, cause many tourists. However, this should not be a good reason for a ticket. But the fact is that scenic spot tickets were too expensive, measures should be taken to make ticket prices down.

ticket line crisis

& other; Faint a dirt road, along the path (slip), can see the broken wire in front just empty (note that the head not to be wire cut & hellip; & hellip; Stamped on the young trees, walking railing into may have difficulty (MM); Another way is, on both sides of the fence is bamboo, climb up, then holding the bamboo slip, direct access to the scenic spot & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

between the lines, such as special forces training in the field, in fact, this text of & the other; Tobias strategy & throughout; .

in the face of overwhelming & other; Tobias strategy & throughout; , some netizens recited agrees, & other; Thank you & throughout; & other; Curiosity & throughout; & other; Try & throughout; , higher frequency, it is & other; Is it safe & throughout; & other; A feasible & throughout; Such questions.

Internet & other; The dragon of wind & throughout; Believe that online advice around train route, mostly relatively remote danger, there are many uncertain factors. & other; One thousand encounter predators, or because of the terrain not familiar cliff falling, and do more harm than good. Throughout the &; He said, had friends in & other; Strategy & throughout; Walk the path qingcheng mountain, return but suffered a dead end highway, the results have to close to hundreds of meters deep cliff, close down the mountain.

strategy also points technology level

& other; Tobias strategy & throughout; Some & other; Travelers & throughout; Specifically identified the technical level: all fled, & other; Don’t have to pay a penny, need luck, courage and wisdom & throughout; ; Half fled, & other; Sacrifice a few people, in large forces with & throughout; ; Must escape, & other; Pay less than the tickets for the local villagers to lead the way, walk path into & throughout; .

many famous scenic spot in China, the ticket price is higher and higher, the local villagers cannot benefit from it, began to actively serve as a scenic spot & other; The undercover & throughout; A ticket, to find ways to help tourists.

however, look for the villagers to lead the way, may also be a trap. Recently, guizhou huangguoshu scenic area near, and there are a number of tourists. Tourists in shanxi Chen recalls, his near the scenic spot is surrounded by seven or eight local villagers, claimed that spend less than half of the money can into the scenic spot, and taxi pick-up.

& other; Out of the taxi, the villagers took our houses, a long way from the waterfall, and had to climb down from more than ten meters high slope, can enter the scenic area. Throughout the &; Chen felt too dangerous to walk back, but to pay the money to by a few villagers. Necessity, she handed over one hundred yuan, the fare back to the ticket office to buy a ticket to visit.

huangguoshu scenic spot staff confirmed that there are a handful of villagers with taxi drivers to help visitors a ticket. Management has stepped up patrolling, prohibition still. Many visitors hurt in the process of a ticket, and even climb down the slope from the local-style dwelling houses, also the core scenic area.

high price is not a ticket reasons for

& other; Tobias strategy & throughout; Attract some net friend, also had many accusations, think a ticket & other; Lack of quality and morality, and the fare is & throughout; . A state-level scenic spot on condition of anonymity, said: & other; Speculative gaining, muddle through, clearly unethical. The most precious & lsquo; Tickets & rsquo; Is the good faith, it is to be doing things & lsquo; Ticket & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

a lot of tourists as a ticket, according to the scenic spot ticket prices are too high, your & other; Be compelled helpless & throughout; . These rhetoric plausible, it is merely an excuse for a ticket. Can’t take & other; Tobias strategy & throughout; In expensive tickets on the boards of flood.

Internet & other; Rapid iron & throughout; 2 yuan pointed out that the Beijing subway fares, every day there are still many people train & other; Not primarily because of price, but quality problems. Throughout the &;

a ticket security hidden danger, after the discovery is to be fined and lose face. For the provincial admission, put life on safety and happy mood, this is not cost-effective.

Internet & other; The dragon of wind & throughout; Analysis, decent work high income group, also a ticket for the thrill and a sense of achievement. & other; Some ticket channel, not with the help of a professional mountaineering equipment through very hard, only people who love adventure experience to get that kind of a sense of achievement. This has nothing to do with the price of tickets. Throughout the &;

a & other; Travelers & throughout; In the blog exposes his ticket mentality: & other We choose Tours and outbreak, always try to find some car can’t see the scenery & hellip; & hellip; To forcibly fenced in to buy tickets in scenic spots, we choose a ticket without hesitation & hellip; & hellip; Over barbed wire, also turn into a whole new world. Breathtaking, stimulation, explore and relax, and a sense of achievement, is our biggest harvest. Throughout the &;

& other; Decent ticket & throughout; Hard to put an end to

compared with travelling by physical train hard, rides through the power relation, belong to a decent & other; A ticket & throughout; Methods. How many people really according to the online & other Tobias strategy & throughout; Train hard to gauge, but the special free is well-documented. According to the People’s Daily reported that tropical botanical garden special free nearly 30000 copies a year, worth about 1.8 million yuan.

the on-site personage points out, enjoy free ticket into the garden, in addition to the impoverished mountainous area farmers, there are also some & other; Friendly units throughout the &; , such as related closely with scientific research units, scenic spots and state of county and township government related departments, especially in the majority with county and state some of the units.

a said not to be named the personage inside course of study, on the strength of the relationship in & other; A ticket & throughout; It is difficult to eliminate. & other; Associates shall enter, you dare not to put? The boss said free, subordinate which dare to charge? Throughout the &; The really powerful people, he says, doesn’t care about ticket prices, but they just like to find acquaintances a ticket. & other; Because only in this way, can let them feel powerful, big face. Throughout the &;

privileged departments through free, make a ticket justified. Many netizens think, the greater the power, relationship is wider, train more easily. Through the back door into the scenic spot, also belong to a ticket, should resist. Against a ticket at the same time, more and more people want to get a fair & ndash; & ndash; Leadership, associates, ordinary people, should buy a ticket.