“Schindler’s list” three young actors: suffering from trauma for many years

adult Olivia

adult of Olivia


movie “schindler’s list” still, the front of the little girl is Olivia

3 years old, she is the only bright color of the black and white epic film; She agreed with director look at 18 years old, 11 years old, & other; Peeked & throughout; The film

but recently, she said the role of the film to cause her for many years the trauma of

in big Hollywood director Steven & middot; Director Steven spielberg 1993 Oscar winning blockbuster “schindler’s list”, was only 3 years old the child star Olivia & middot; For boras paid to play a & other; The little girl in red & throughout; , from now on overnight success. In 20 years later, Olivia had grown into a standing girl, become a college student. However the former child stars showing for the first time, however, to the media, the role of the piece to cause her trauma for many years.

“schindler’s list”

3 years old girl overnight

big Hollywood director Steven & middot; Director Steven spielberg 1993 Oscar winning blockbuster “schindler’s list,” tells the story of a true story: in 1939, the polish in Nazi Germany, under the rule of ss have isolated rule against jews. German businessman Oscar & middot; Schindler to Krakow, under the rule of the German open factories producing military products. With outstanding social skills and a lot of money, schindler establish good relations with the germans. In 1943, the jewish holocaust, schindler was a great shock. In 1944, the eve of Germany’s defeat, action more crazy slaughter of jews, schindler gear on officers, 1200 people on the list, the pants off to save the lives of the jews.

the movie, in the hellish jews exclusion zone, a little girl in a red coat became the only bright color in this black and white film, also is one of the classic role of textbook in film history. When schindler in the resin after seeing the body of the little girl in red, the car finally conscience awakened, saved thousands of jews who finally.

“schindler’s list” released immediately after a huge hit, winning seven oscars, is recognized as one of the best films in the history of the cinema so far. The little girl star Olivia is still a young and innocent 3-year-old girl, with the success of a movie “schindler’s list” overnight.

adult: troubled regret over the years under 18 & other; Peep & throughout; The film

the Olivia, 24, has become a year 3 student at university. She read the science books, in the hope that after graduation to work in the publishing world. After school, she is still a visitor sideshow minor role.

the former child stars recently, however, to the media, said that in the role to her cause trauma for many years. She told The Times newspaper reporter, oneself to feel ashamed, when parents mention her performance to others will be angry.

she explained that because in the film, they are too much attention, and sometimes embarrassing situation, and these problems in life and damage are she doesn’t want to.

Olivia said: & other; Every time someone says, it must be quite meaningful to you, you must know a lot about the holocaust, often at this time I can only feel helpless frustration. Throughout the &; She said that she have been tight-lipped on the film, but high school students know the matter through the network.

Olivia admitted that he had to the director’s promised to see the film only after at least 18 years old, but she still can’t help but wonder at the age of 11, the first time & other; Peep & throughout; The film, the result was really frightened, determined to no longer see the second time from now on. There is such a plot in the film: Nazi death camp leader meng & middot; Gothic rose up in the morning every day, a big shorts and white vest, cigarette in mouth, a pole on his shoulder a rifle, strolled to the balcony of the bedroom, carries a big belly, watched the jews, and then follow one’s inclinationsly put on a few gun aimed at several of them jews. According to incomplete statistics, the gothic killed at least 500 jews in this way. In his eyes, the jews is worse than the life of a small animal. Because of his cruelty, the other people all call him & other; The devil satan & throughout; .

since & other; Peep & throughout; After the movie, over the years Olivia has been suffering from trauma. She said: & other; So scary, in this life I don’t want to see the second back & hellip; & hellip; Steven spielberg is right: I have to wait to grow up to watch the film. I really regret in my young age watched it. Throughout the &;

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