Scholars decode riddle of hu shi: then why did you get doctor’s degree?

depauw university, graduated from history department of Taiwan normal university, Harvard University, PhD, the American private at depauw university in indiana, a professor of history at the, author of “the biography of zhang junmai, the stars & middot; the moon & middot; the sun & ndash; & ndash; hu shi’s emotional world, etc.

has the biography how much

data mystery:

for the author of a biography of hu shi, shi “age”, “the study abroad in hu shi’s diary, autobiography, and so on hu shi hu shi oral materials, is the most important reference. These data can be trusted? Hu shi had hands and feet?

depauw university puzzles:

have so far, which for the hu shi biography, on account of his early career, shi is not follow suit? Hu shi is the privacy of the people who don’t want to be watched, and give up claims and the idea after he is mature, all deleted. “Forty readme” hu shi and his diary study period in Shanghai, and his articles published in the competitive industry ten-day reports, compared with the obvious, embedded, construct the chisel marks.


hu shi had as a child addicted to old novel, both the “east of xue li levy,” Xue Dingshan levy west “, “five tigers plane of the meaningless of obscene novel and the carnal prayer mat and so on, also have a dream of red mansions,” the scholars “type of first class work.

hu shi, formerly known as Hu Hong Xing, between June and July in 1906, began to use the new name.

the competitive industry ten-day reports his Shanghai work place in Shanghai’s international settlement, love, shortcut (now AnQing Road) celebrates the auspicious. Hu shi editor fee is $10 a month.


reporter: hu shi’s biography, has published dozens of before and after, why do you want to gather together a busy?

depauw university: this 30 years, China published by the hu shi biography can indeed fully lined with the entire row of shelf. However, we can ask the hu shi biography in content is the same? It pretty much the same reason, to a large extent is the leading role information. The meaning of this guide, is that hu shi is for the future for his biography has got good standard in the biography. “Hu shi age”, “the study abroad in hu shi’s diary,” hu shi oral autobiography, and he had left many reflections and capitalise on, even he gleaned preserved their letters, are his default, reserved standard in the biography. To use his own words, all the people who want to hu shi biography, if there is no & other; The tendency of the habit of a little hard, a little bit of doubt & throughout; , will fall into the standard set by the biography by hu shi and don’t even know it.

has hu shi biography very much the same reason, on the other hand, is the leading consciousness of the same. This so-called first consciousness, problem consciousness should be nowadays said, if my understanding of this term is good. This 30 years to rediscover the boom of hu shi, with the background of China’s reform and opening up, with the modernization of China to find way out intentions are closely linked. In other words, if a biography of leading consciousness is the hu shi as a forgotten, misunderstanding of the pioneer of China’s modernization, is everybody’s hu shi very much the same, it is not surprising. Me: the world hu shi, conception on beyond that hu shi as the standard set by his own biography, to present a different face of hu shi.

reporter: compared with the earlier biography of hu shi, you think you’re the most unique place in where? In order to present a different face of hu shi, what do you do in the?

depauw university: in zen said hu shi’s words, said is broken is not worth a penny, which are hu shi said: & other; The tendency of the habit of a little hard, a little bit of doubt. Throughout the &; The tendency of the so-called little doubt, is to doubt, hu shi for the standard set by his own biography. With what I said in the book, that is to say we are standard in the face of hu shi this biography, must be able to take its used, and not by the system; Not to fall into the & other; Faustian bargain & throughout; The mold; Can not in order to win some data, but to lose his own soul.