Scholars: production year resolution 17800 and wu zetian huh

after jiangnan style, carrier style, Geng zhe style spread on the Internet, the protagonist is a professor at Yu Geng zhe from shanxi normal university. Yesterday noon, Yu Geng zhe first appeared in the CCTV “lecture room”, with a witty humor language began production truth “, and step by step a fog around on production. Programs broadcast just one, there is a net friend will Yu Geng zhe lecture video capture made Geng zhe style. Our reporter interviewed yesterday afternoon Yu Geng zhe, listening to his story in the history of the real production.

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detective dee renjie is? After the deduction of all kinds of literary works, production is & other; Throughout China’s Sherlock Holmes &; . In production the truth, “Yu Geng zhe production may be defined as a very competent judicial officials. & other; Detective to the scene to solve crimes, dee renjie was a judicial officials, he was in as a local and national judicial officials, his ability is mainly manifested on the resolution rather than to the scene to investigate. I think the scene are unlikely to bring those responsible mainly in file, in other words, the criminal case review work. Throughout the &; Production is indeed a resolution in the history of the masters, is recorded in history that production when cheng Dali temple, do a 17800 a year, this is a very amazing number, means that he doesn’t rest even one day of the year, on average every day to do a 49.

& other; Unfortunately, the time of the historical data in the details of these cases are not recorded. Throughout the &; Yu Geng zhe said the production & other; Detective & throughout; That there are no details in the tang dynasty historical data, the reputation of the production mainly comes from two novels, “DE case-solving” and the Netherlands in the qing dynasty Sinologist high lopez “datang DE case-solving work, makes production began to appear in the image of the detective in front of people, so the creation of the detective more reputation from astronomers.

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about production, a lot of people will think of him with the ambiguous relation of wu zetian seems to have a say, first, production truth “Yu Geng zhe with & other; Very detained & throughout; , about the relationship between production and wu zetian. His seventy – year – old still ranks high in the Wu Zhou regime, to participate in a series of major policy decisions. But it is also the judge dee thoughtful personnel arrangement, eventually toppled Wu Zhou regime. He go to great lengths to help wu zetian, but spare no effort to contribute to return to datang Wu Zhou regime.

& other; In this series looks contradictory behaviour, there is a & lsquo; Loyal & rsquo; Word as the main line, is also the main production life. To the tang dynasty is very loyal, this is loyal, against the state of wu zetian is loyal, this is personal loyalty to her. Throughout the &; Yu Geng zhe said that in the history of the production is restraining, super ability of politicians. & other; He helped wu zetian harness empire more than ship from dangerous shoals, but attempted coups will be weeks before dying back to tang, a model of officialdom, workplace model. He helped wu zetian, govern the country believe they are faithful, is good for wu zetian. He last set pieces, even to the coup has arranged in advance, still think of myself as faithful, but also for preservation of wu zetian honor. This relationship, there are very few in history. Throughout the &;

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lecture humorous, witty, Yu Geng zhe students called & other; Eva & throughout; Professor, was also known as “lecture room” the most & other; Eva & throughout; The professor. The Yu Geng zhe smile, & other; Eva & throughout; Is the result of humor in class, but he unequivocally academic. & other; Eva & throughout; Just a way for class, it’s all about the spread of knowledge effectively, & other; Eva & throughout; Just means is not the goal.

& other; “Lecture room” speak like this, I wrote the time as professional papers. One involves a bucket in the tang dynasty millet or how much jin (modern standard), related to the existing research results, but these results by wu, in line with the attitude of honesty, I decided to measure myself. Throughout the &; Yu Geng zhe said, because the proportion of millet issues, & other; I chose the medium dry degree of millet, ran to the school biological laboratory measurement of the proportion, this is the first time since graduating from high school into the lab. This figure accounts for only a few bytes in the text, finally also was removed for other reasons. Seemingly do first, but in line with the attitude of responsible for viewers, readers and serious, I think it’s worth, I believe that judge dee charm will make you enjoy. Throughout the &; Reporters learned that production truth “of the same name published book will be published by the shaanxi normal university, Egypt.