Scholars said dee renjie was a workaholic: do a one year more than seventeen thousand

shaanxi normal university professor Yu Geng zhe

shaanxi normal university professor Yu Geng zhe “lecture room” teaching production truth “

2012, as the TV series “mad detective dee renjie” hit, the network buzzwords & other; Yuan fang, what do you think & throughout; Widespread, production name no one answers. In ancient times, the case-solving novels “DE case-solving” datang DE case-solving etc; Like bao, production is also & other; The inspector & throughout; Type character. Production is, as it were, renowned at home and abroad of & other; Throughout China’s Sherlock Holmes &; .

a life of production, can be said to be his fugitive dust; As an outstanding politician in the feudal ruling class, every any post production, heart is the people’s livelihood, distinguished achievements. After he held a prime minister of the auxiliary business, of wu zetian misgovernment are correct; Production under the governing of the deck dynasty, failing to open yuan wu zetian times, made outstanding contributions.

to our understanding of the production, from film and television works, what kind of is the real production? Have the most & other; Eva & throughout; Professor of shaanxi normal university professor Yu Geng zhe, landing CCTV “lecture room” for the audience to restore the real production.

production such as personality & other; Water & throughout;

reporter: in the “lecture room” began production truth “, what do you think where is the meaning of it?

Yu Geng zhe: first of all, of course, is to let more people learn about the history of the real production. In addition, I think there are many worthy of our learning place production. First of all, is his pragmatism. Second, it is his officialdom survival wisdom. Third, it is his principle, firmly to their target. Fourth, is his indomitable spirit.

the fourth point I want to talk about something, he of the spirit of perseverance too awesome. He was imprisoned again, has more than 60 years old. In the tang dynasty 70 years, and he completely retired, no longer the officer, he is more than 60 years old, and was banished to do a small county magistrate, was done. Should we ordinary people think, age not small, is about to retire, and from prime minister seat was as small county magistrate, must not drive. But magistrate judge dee is also doing very well, common people especially love him, give him to build the temple. When he was the city wu zetian recall, all the people to him to leave. I think it is also a kind of professional spirit, professional dedication, also calculate officialdom one of wisdom. Is no matter you are in any position, all want to do their job. Always to have the opportunity to prepare the people!

reporter: speaking, DiRenJie and wu zetian or person of hometown, is in Shanxi Province, the former in bing today in taiyuan, the latter in the water, both are not too far apart. Wu zetian trust production have a person of hometown the relationship?

Yu Geng zhe: have a certain relationship, but wu zetian focused on production of statesmanship. Technology is very skilled production administration, daily affairs handling quite beautiful. I will judge dee in book compared to wu zetian & other The firemen & throughout; , where there is a problem, he sent him to put out the fire. Wu zetian admire production, production after the death, wu zetian said: & other The hall is also empty. Throughout the &;

reporter: judge dee faithful to wu zetian, in your opinion, what is the main reason? Production have no other choice?

Yu Geng zhe: production life of the tang dynasty is very loyal, this is cheating, against the state of wu zetian is loyal, this is personal loyalty to her. This is the main production life. He helped wu zetian, govern the country believe they are faithful, is good for wu zetian. He last set pieces, even to the coup has arranged in advance, thought that the faithful, but also for preservation of wu zetian honor.

production at that time, although there are other options, but loyal to wu zetian his people should be the time to do the best choice. Inertia to the tang dynasty, wu zetian period dynasty gradually revealed, really need a powerful figure in ditching. Of course, this also cost a lot, wu zetian killed many people. Kill is imperial clan and officials, however, ordinary people not affected by what. So the people of the queen’s approval. Throughout the lees offspring, are no more competent than wu zetian, so also can’t help it. But we also have a consensus, is your wu zetian, we took, let you when the queen, but one hundred years later, you must also zheng Li Tang. Can’t also let wu family control.

reporter: production life ups and downs, there is no lack of among them dangerous, but in the end be preserved, what do you think production is how to do it? Today we have a national theater?

Yu Geng zhe: the success of the production is mainly thanks to his character. I in the book have been summed up several kinds of character, production belongs to & other; Water & throughout; Character. His character represents a feature of the Chinese nation, a kind of wisdom.

the so-called water, that is to say he won’t face difficult problems, very practical, understand the survival of officialdom. But stick to their principles, their goals, that is the recovery Li Tang. Lao tze said: & other; On good if water, water benefits all things without evoking & throughout; , weak strong ah. Water surface looks very weak, but very principled, flow is determined, the Yangtze river and Yellow River, has been all the way to the east since ancient times. Encounter difficulties, it can tear down it, also can bypass it, also can perserve little strokes fell great oaks, way is flexible, but must be the water of the final victory. Production is over many enemies. Judge dee character represents a feature of the Chinese nation, a kind of wisdom. Our national smart tough but misery has its own way of life.

reporter: why do you say production is not a & other; Detective & throughout; But a & other; God & throughout; ?

Yu Geng zhe: I think now everyone impression judge dee & other; Detective & throughout; Image mainly comes from the film and television works about production, and will be the earliest production described as “DE case-solving” detective type character is because he was in the local and central Dali temple as a judicial officials time performance. But, in did not leave his resolution details, just said he high solving efficiency, as a marble temple cheng administer justice more than seventeen thousand a year, during the contact with me, some of them said to the number of doubt, because it means that administer justice every day, more than 40 cases in practice this means the file to review (for example, find out the suspect case), not the site detection. In this case, a look at more than ten thousand cases, I think that is possible. It is said that the man was a workaholic, work overtime. Thus, in the history of the production is good at the trial of the case, is not the impression of detective. So I think, in the history of the production is & other; God & throughout; Rather than & other; Detective & throughout; .

in fact, the ability of production, is far from & other; Detective & throughout; Can be summarized. On the official history, about his record, where is more of a political struggle, governance, guarding border these aspects, & other; Politicians & throughout; Title from when he was prime minister during the performance. His political wisdom embodied in the specific goals, principled strong, but flexible means, save yourself, also completed the Li Tang zionist task. This is the fundamental difference between politicians and the politicians, politicians in his own interests as a starting point, with the wind. Politicians based on the general situation as heavy, not easily swing.

real production is assistant

reporter: because & other; Yuan fang body & throughout; And red Li Yuanfang blasting, and other assistant production (such as in the datang DE case-solving had Thai), whether in the history of man really have?

Yu Geng zhe: there are certainly assistant to real production, but not about their specified on historical data. Fiction and film and television works, and yuan fang may still have a lot of characters, such as bao around the exhibition zhao, and sun ce, sung tzu’s sister-assistant ying gu, etc., but these people are like yuan fang, is a novel or writers of fiction. Another audience concluded that these people are honest, diligent, but will come under their boss. Boss will often ask them: & other; & times; & times; And what do you think? Throughout the &; Often they said is reasonable, but belong to the topic of & other; Brick & throughout; , which leads to the boss’s & other; Jade & throughout; , then… much praised: & other; High! It is high! Throughout the &; Boss and le le beard (if any), facial expression pale, dark bright in my heart. These aides role in addition to the introduction, is normally accompanied boss, some still part-time bodyguards.

reporter: can you explain it according to your next research object?

Yu Geng zhe: at present, CCTV’s director told that production truth “won the high ratings. CCTV formally invited me to the CCTV record a new program in early 2013. & ndash; tentative title for the lingyange & ndash; datang hero charts, which will include grandson mowgli, WeiChiJingDe, qin shubao.