Scholars said han emperor extreme unhealthy psychological Luck man dead prime minister

cry of emperor han emperor liu xin is a very strange, history says he & other; Language bo min, the young have LingWen & throughout; , it should be have culture, very has the tutelage, but he spoke frequently appearance; History also said he and other Bad YaXing melody & throughout; A boy Dong Yan, but his luck, in order to seal him as hou, at all the prime minister melon&fiona have died, also left us & other; Cut sleeve & throughout; The allusions. I feel, the han emperor’s psychological health.

I is the main evidence of his letters.

once I praised the han dynasty’s letters, and said, write meteorological broad and gentle, but the cry of the emperor’s letters, some have been shook his head.

servant shoot Zheng Chong ministers, for example, because we have sinned against Dong Xian things cry of emperor, died in prison. Sun Bao ancient nationalities voice grievances for him, “the emperor great anger, rescript QieZe: & other; Treasure bosom evil, attach the bourbons to spring months as small deceit, hence its evil heart, cover the thief also. Throughout the &; Sun Bao is together at that time, power elders, “emperor is hate, but also & other To treasure together, not his whole & throughout; To kill, I’m sorry, but the rescript should scold him & other The thief of countries also & throughout; The past a few not seen. Although the emperor will be angry, but written in the book of letters like this, how many injured U.S.A, visible cry of emperor in hysterics.

ai emperor had a teacher named Dan, from the respect, the author examines the emperor has always been to the teacher is a very respected. Ai emperor just acceded to the throne, the architect Dan is good also, worship him for general left, collar, ministers sealing high hou, soon to become. But because some thing to offend cry of emperor, ai emperor made an excuse and policy from Dan, letters also mean:

your reign is out for three years, not WenZhongYan jia, and reverse with cronies into injustice in the name of a & hellip; & hellip; To say bo to take an examination of courtiers, jun, were all the same, think outside the inconvenience, to view the listener is not on me. For you I keep xuan, trespass. & hellip; & hellip; I go before, but something more content about not careful, bosom fan of breakwater, and order, dissenting word over and over again, who is king.

began to say, you do something wrong, all blame me. I have no excuse, brimming with generation you have received. Then more say more gas, almost LiMa. The last sentence & other; Who is king & throughout; , I think it’s lethality. Although a student, is the emperor, white-haired teacher said to myself: & other; I am really ashamed of you. Throughout the &; Wrote letters in silhouette, this how strange mind, to do it? In fact, really have the secretary to see not bottom go to, the hydrophobic said that the letters & other; Too deep with intense sorrow & throughout; , the poor have no said: leadership, you too not accomplishment.