Scholars said taizong dynasty prosperous time of fraud National strength with the power

the new tang book & middot; shihuozhi “so describe the dynasty governed achievement: & other; To four years (drawing) for four years, rice bucket four or five money, outside the door does not shut for months, horse was wild, pedestrian thousands of miles Ji not food. Throughout the &; That is to say, dynasty four years when the social productivity has been the most fundamental recovery, social security has been the most fundamental change, the most basic business conditions have been reversed.

actually, use & other; Rice bucket throughout four or five money &; To emphasize the achievement obviously lack of convincing. “On the” han & middot; shihuozhi tzu said: & other; Buy very expensive, hurt people; Very cheap, hurt farmers. People are discrete, farmers hurt the poor. Throughout the &; Mean price is too low will damage the interests of farmers, food prices are too high and could threaten the country’s economic lifeline, so price is too low, is not a road of success, not only may the seeds of universal social crisis.

besides, the tang dynasty were reincarnated there may be & other areas don’t; Rice bucket throughout four or five money &; Very strange. Is also the new tang book & middot; shihuozhi zhi three, opening said tang changan in guanzhong region, although said, lies a likelihood is limited, the choice and insufficient for the consumption, so often depends on southeast cao m support. And cao meters must be approved by the water and land transportation, waterway since jianghuai east to luoyang & other; Rate is a welcome eight dou & throughout; , that is to say cao meters east from the producers to luoyang, the freight will take up twenty percent of the value of the goods itself. With cars or carry onward to shan again, only three hundred miles, & other; Rate of two welcome meter poundage thousand & throughout; , it must cost per bucket and 50 money to freight. So all the way, the longitudinal those meters are falling all over the world, not a penny, & other; Rice bucket throughout four or five money &; , and only one over ten of the luoyang to changan that by land freight!

changan m expensive, this is the fact that does not dispute. Great poet bai juyi when visiting or fear, have when road worthies in & other; Changan m expensive, reside big not easy & throughout; Mocking him. Zhenyuan period, the guanzhong and three auxiliary area of rice more & other; Bucket thousand money & throughout; The record high, at a time when the national reserves of grain depot & ndash; & ndash; Taicang store meters, also can only maintain & other; Right of the natural food less than 10 & throughout; . Administration, so, the emperor once had been there several times on the experience of east food luoyang.

zhenyuan early, the guanzhong region at the time, really a special case of the valley had a base and prime minister rudd Zhi them suggested the government to buy from folk, at par meter in transit fees, to taicang after each bucket millet is a must and other Money more than 40 & throughout; , per bushel m fee & other; Money throughout seventy &; . Dollars and fifteen years (820), lee window is introduced in the article the hydrophobic change of the tax law, said chienchung first year (780), and other The struggle for money two hundred & throughout; , after the government’s calm, to the yuan and 15 years, & other; M a bucket for money fifty & throughout; . (see “Li Wengong set” volume 9.)

dynasty when rice prices, only for the valley at the base rice bucket & other; Money throughout seventy &; After one over fourteen, which is by the government to tame & other M a bucket for money fifty & throughout; One over ten of the credible? This number can only be noted dis-guised.

then appear in the act of the great men of the unity of the tang dynasty, is questionable.

how a country’s national strength, depending on outsider evaluation, the international friends, Gao Changguo QuWenTai, the king has been think when tang dynasty national strength, with the power, he had to their own citizens publicly said: & other; To into the, I see the qin dynasty, (3) north, cities depression, not the ratio of the complex with sui also. Throughout the &; (see “History As A Mirror vol one hundred and ninety-five.) QuWenTai in dynasty four years (630) into the December, this is the very year, most praised Shi Chen QuWenTai can see along the way, is & other; Cities depression & throughout; , is completely different from the new tang book & middot; shihuozhi tzu “.

in fact, throughout its life, not only economically with the tang dynasty imperial power than the horse, also is far inferior to power on the population. Account died three years later, once, when his son asked the emperor emperor Li Zhi high performance way: ministers & other; What account increased last year? Throughout the &; High performance replied, & other; Increased last year, a total of one hundred and fifty thousand households. Throughout the &; Li Zhi asked again, by the way of the sui dynasty and present situation, the high performance of replied, & other; Sui dynasty emperor years open eight million seven hundred thousand across the country, now has three million eight hundred thousand households in the country. Throughout the &; (see things “history as a mirror” (one hundred and ninety-nine). That rest of nearly 40 years after the tang dynasty founding, its population is still less than half of the sui dynasty during its heyday.

from the comparison of two generations of economic and demographic situation, when drawing’s size.

the new tang book & middot; shihuozhi “so-called & other; The pedestrian thousands of miles not Ji food & throughout; , meaning that travelled to road has got enough guarantee food supplies, do not need to bring your own food, it can only show business early recovery. As for the so-called & other; Outside the door does not shut for months & throughout; As long as reference QuWenTai & other; The compound with the ratio of the sui & throughout; Sigh, it’s not hard to see.

in fact, the origin of the governing of the dynasty, there is a ready-made transcription, that is to say, & other; Shengshi & throughout; Counterfeiting, early someone for it. The so-called dynasty governed, however is a bunch of royal historian in sample picture of the gourd. JinRen GanBao referred to in the “general JinJi minzhu social status quo, when there are such praise: & other; Horses and cattle were wild, mu surplus landscapes, travelled cottage, outside Lv is not closed, people encounter such as kiss, its lack of information on the road. Throughout the &; Its tone and the rule of drawing and description of any similar to the ear. So the new millennium, it is not dead, three generations of the leather is inflating, it is no wonder that fang xuanling later in the chapter “major, to abandon GanBao JinJi was lost. In this paper, from the foot washing ashore to read history, Tian Fu, huaxia publishing