Scholars sassou-nguesso: revolution is a wound for China to learn from Japan

bring in 1899, kang youwei was founded in the United States and other Bao will save the qing emperor guangxu & throughout; , & other; Royalist throughout the &; Problem, kiss, liang qichao as vice President. Americans support Kang Liang royalist activities in Homer, kang youwei as & other; General & throughout; . In November 1904, was established in Los Angeles in Homer & other; Western military school & throughout; For kang youwei, liang qichao royalists & other; Reform forces throughout the &; Provide military training. Photo is a reform forces play house in military training. (photo collector: the hoover institution at Stanford university, USA)

editor’s note: revolution is changing the fate of a major historical events in China, it for the whole of Asia and the world at the same time also has a great influence, but for a long time, very few of us from a global perspective to view, on the occasion of the memorial in one hundred, the newspaper interview xue er, short pottery room, denis sassou-nguesso, stone four overseas scholars, John thought readers display a more three-dimensional xinhai revolution.

even in a crowded bus, denis sassou-nguesso is still in writing, with a laptop with one hand typing, to squeeze will be squeezed by the crowd, in one scene, a few stations in the past, article has written thousands of words.

sassou-nguesso is a diligent history writer, in KangZhanShi research has done.

in science and engineering background, years of work experience in foreign company, long-term living in Japan & hellip; & hellip; Making false anomaly is open, from the point of view of xinhai, his mouth is not only a story, but is closely linked with the present, xinhai, one hundred, one hundred Chinese self-renewal dream, it’s all the confusion and struggle, all insist and hope, it still has not gone with the wind, it is still in the enlightenment to our, illuminating our forward direction.

Japan’s second-hand price

reporter: this year is the one hundred, the Japanese social effect how?

sassou-nguesso: didn’t affect the domestic so big, the revolution is a Chinese, ordinary Japanese people don’t care about, Japan has some academic seminar, but also is the Chinese initiative. If one of the largest, is the book of the old books on the market the big rise in price, such as the China revolution “, a Japanese book, written in 1912 revolution last year, a set of more than 3000 yen, however, have to 15000 yen.

reporter: rose so much?

sassou-nguesso: nor are rising, is directly related to the revolution of rose, indirect related not risen. A few days ago I also bought a November 3, 1911 Osaka daily news “published by the extra, about the two edition of the People’s Daily, devoted to the revolution, the situation is unclear, so one side is a photograph of the revolutionaries, on the other side is a photograph of the qing dynasty was the sovereign and his ministers, both sides military strength contrast, is among the data then I to writer MeiYi Hector (pen name alive and even the king).

why Japanese silence

reporter: revolution seems to be deep relations with Japan?

sassou-nguesso: yes, it is a revolutionary party based in Japan, the revolution is a Chinese students studying enthusiasm.

reporter: why at that time the Japanese government has not publicly supported the revolution?

sassou-nguesso: at that time the Japanese government is very hesitant, after the war, the sino-japanese diplomatic gold period had more than 10 years, the qing government to learn from Japan’s all-round, although the navy made & other; Sino-japanese shame & throughout; Brands, but on the whole, or bury hatred in the heart, and with an open attitude, active research in Japan, the qing court also expressed great interest of constitutionalism, in addition, when the qing dynasty officials is generally believed that the Japanese and Asian, should unite against the U.S. and Europe, they did not think of 21 later, the war of resistance, etc. In the day of war, was in the sino-japanese war, insist on fighting Ma Yukun secretly helped Japan to thank, postwar Japan also gave the queen a small steam ship, named yonghe, still stopped in. So, the Japanese government inconvenience, is to sit tight attitude.

support the revolution of the Japanese

reporter: why so many days I support the revolution?

sassou-nguesso: support the revolution of the Japanese cent two kinds, one kind of comes from the government, hope China disorderly, want to take advantage of the revolutionary party, so all previous uprising munitions, many smuggled in from Japan, another from the folk, such as GongQiTaoTian, sincerely hope that China is strong, they think Asia to rise, not Japan alone, so put forward & other; Throughout China socialist &; , miyazaki is said & other; The treasure of Asia & throughout; And, of course, later there was another & other; Throughout China socialist &; , invasion of China, this and miyazaki is not the same thing. In Japan, miyazaki the international socialist concept is not popular, after xinhai revolution, many Japanese accused miyazaki help China strong.

reporter: Japan’s attitude to the revolution not only uncertain, Europe and the United States attitude is unclear, why?

sassou-nguesso: Britain, France and so on are bets, three years after the revolution, the first world war broke out. At this point the contradictions and powers for the east.