School MingXi zong zhu by picking up brides “naked inspection” secret: press the breast to touch the body

MingXi zong zhu by school (figure)

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& other; Naked inspection & throughout; The royal secret, as a kind of system, always exists in each dynasty princess acquisition process. “Chinese sundry secret laborious” is written is not necessarily the truth, when the eastern han dynasty princess selection ji’s morning mist pen but makes up for a regret.

in the Yang of the Ming dynasty, women into the palace of the previously is extremely strict, even to the point of harsh, even a hair of all want to look carefully. Qing dynasty scholar ji’s morning mist by “the queen MingYiAn gaiden,” write down in detail the whole process of the MingXi zong zhu elected by school princess.

zhang yan is few, henan county person, the first year of the apocalypse, zhu by school, 16 years old by the age of the wedding. Ming dynasty emperor big 16 years old, this is also the rules set by Ming emperor. By SiLi prison, write ke-jing liu ren main marriage, in the domestic first selected a group of girls aged 13 to 16. Official at the time to send the money, let their parents personally pad man alternative to the national capital, on the day of the first set.

when delivered to Beijing girl 5000, zhang yan is among them.

primaries, probably check on looks alone, shall be the responsibility of the eunuchs. 100 a group, according to the age to stand still. Eunuch from their path, a little higher, short, fat, thin, all don’t, so be rinse to 1000 people.

the next day, the examination of the facial features, still is in the charge of the eunuch. And the first day, hundreds of a set of good standing, scrutinize every girl’s ear, eye, mouth, nose, hair, skin, waist circumference, shoulder width, etc., there is a place not eligible, even if the body moles, should be eliminated. And let the girl at the door, listen to the voice, whether BaZi. In this way, and rinse killed 2000 people.

on the third day, I use tool to measure the body is in accordance with the proportion, to see how their temperament. All wrist stubby, toes hypertrophy, flirtatious, can pass a barrier. So, be rinse to 1000 people.

step 4 & ndash; & ndash; & other; Naked inspection & throughout; . The rest of the 1000 girls called into the palace, and all for the temple. By the elderly female eunuch to the chamber of secrets, press the press the breasts, see very not quite long; Smell the armpit, have body odor. The final touch all over your body, try to grow is developed. In this way, and rinse killed 700 people.

step 5, long-term observation, temperament. 300 selected down girl stay in the palace life for a month, to observe its living habits, how speak attitude, intelligence and personality. In front of four procedures on observation & other; Body & throughout; And this is & other; DE & throughout; And & other Wisdom & throughout; . Select all of the moral, intellectual, physical 50 excellent girl, finally all as zhu by the school’s concubines.

by 5000 people, finally chose 50 people, so, it is as the saying goes, & other To research & throughout; . Have MingYiChao, estimates are using this & other Elimination method & throughout; To choose the princess.